Disbandment of police unit opens a Pandora’s Box

The decision by the new administration to terminate a crack police squad has the potential to become one of the first big issues the Kenya Kwanza government has to tackle. Dubbed the Special Services Unit, the squad was reported to have been created by George

7th October 2022 Significant Political Events of the week

On October 2, President William Ruto toured Homa Bay County where he promised to improve the wellbeing of residents. This was his first tour since he was sworn in. On October 3, the President William Ruto met for the second time with the Cabinet Secretaries

Ruto’s legislative agenda: Bid to reform pension plan vs reality

President William Ruto during Thursday’s joint Parliament address on his legislative agenda mentioned that his government was concerned about the welfare of the social security infrastructure. He was referring to both the public National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and private pensions, noting that no Kenyan

As he hits the ground running, President Ruto treads a fine line

President William Ruto has hit the ground running at a fast pace that has left many impressed at his energy and commitment to execute his manifesto. In the past week, President Ruto has signaled a different approach to life at State House by inviting clergymen

Next upcoming significant event

Following the inauguration of Dr William Samoei Ruto on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, as President, he is now widely expected to release an executive order outlining the organisation of his government. The executive order to be released by President Ruto will supersede any other Executive

Media relationship with the State worth watching in the new administration

The decision by the new administration to deny the media the rights to livestream the inauguration of President William Ruto has marked the start of a rocky relationship with the Fourth Estate. Last weekend, the media was up in arms over the directive that they

Slaying state capture: The how and what next if the Ruto administration takes action 

The Kenya Kwanza manifesto proposes to set up a quasi-judicial commission of inquiry into state capture within 30 days of the new administration. The commission would aim to establish the extent of cronyism and state capture in Kenya and make recommendations. Transparency International has defined

DP Ruto prepares his party

The latest salvo from Deputy President William Ruto will add to the sentiment that the Jubilee Party is in its last days.  In an interview on KTN News, Mr Ruto criticized the suggestion that the ruling party could merge with the Orange Democratic Movement but

In an interview, the Deputy President shows his hand, a little

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday night admitted that his boss has abandoned him and suggested that he had done nothing to stop the individuals and civil servants who frustrate him. In his interview with Linus Kaikai of Citizen TV, he named the individuals, made