About Us

Vellum Kenya is a weekly news publication owned by Oxygene Marketing and Communication Ltd and ran by the Public Policy Department. The publication captures political, socio economic and policy issues that impact on the Public Policy landscape in Kenya and the African region at large. The vellum team comprises policy analysts, lawyers, communication specialists, regulatory and compliance experts as well as strategy advisers to a wide breadth of clientele with the aim of offering relevant support in the management of change, mitigation of risk and resolution of disputes.

They offer vast experience drawn from corporate law, public and private sector affairs, academia, research and social development with each practice demonstrating expertise, in depth knowledge and a proven track record of making a positive impact in their respective professional spheres. Vellum also hosts guest writers drawn from industry to write on their areas of expertise. For more details contact us by writing an email to: info@vellum.co.ke