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Boosting corporate sponsorship: The importance of involvement in sports

April 17, 2016, is a day that remains etched in the memory of Kenyans. The Kenya Rugby Sevens team had broken the ceiling and lifted the country’s first major trophy in the World Rugby Series Circuit. At that point in time, the future did look

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Tips on how to celebrate this festive season sustainably

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year that brings family and friends together to celebrate. Yet, with all the gifts, decorations and feasting, it can also be an expensive and wasteful holiday. Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday season more sustainably. 

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Pitch side developments: Football administration in Kenya

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, as widely expected, nay long anticipated, has finally cracked the whip against the Football Kenya Federation leadership. In a media communique delivered by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed last Thursday, the FKF leadership has been sidestepped as the recognized

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Taxation in Sports

Kenya was the leading performer in Africa in the recently concluded 2021 Tokyo Olympic games having won four golds, four silvers and two bronze that further jolted the country to 19th on the global medal standings. As the Olympic games came to a close, an

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Part 6: Sports and Entertainment Services

Kenya’s latest form of
taxation is the Digital Service
Tax (DST) which came into force
on 1st January 2021. It imposes a
1.5% tax on the gross transaction
value of services provided on
digital platforms operating within
the “digital-market place” which
has been defined in the VAT Act
as “a platform that enables the
direct interaction between buyers
and sellers of goods and services
through electronic means”.

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Part 5: Sports and Entertainment Series

While Kenya ratified the
UNESCO Convention, in order
for it to fully and effectively
integrate the WADA Code
into the national legal system,
it will need to be domesticated
into Kenyan law. This required an enabling legislation through an Act of Parliament to give effect to the provisions of the Code.

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AFRICA’S LEGACY IN SPORTS DISPUTES RESOLUTION Written by Sarah Ochwada We, Africans, are preceded by a great legacy. Beyond dominating track events, producing international football stars and having historic performances in rugby and cricket, Africans have left their mark in Sports Disputes Resolution. Judge Keba

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Part 3: Sports and Entertainment Series

DEMYSTIFYING INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT & E-SPORTS IN KENYA Written by Sarah Ochwada Kenya is known as being the Silicon Savanna with an abundance of tech-start-ups developing user Apps for ease in finance, communications, transport, farming, healthcare and hospitality sectors. The 2 sectors which are still struggling

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Highlights of the Anti-Doping (Amendment) Bill, 2020

Amos Kimunya, the Leader of the Majority Party is proposing amendments to the Anti-Doping Act, 2016 through the Anti-Doping (Amendment) Bill, 2020. The object of the bill is to align the Anti-Doping Act 2016 with the 2021 Anti-doping Code and Regulations so as to allow

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Sports and Gender – Breaking stereotypes in women’s sport

Written by Sarah Ochwada & Jaaziyah Satar This article looks at the historical, political and legal effects of sexual identity and sexism in the development of women’s sport. This feature is in part informed by the consistent forms of discrimination meted out against women and

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The next frontier: Sports and Entertainment Series

Youth unemployment continues to rise globally and is a significant policy pain point for many Governments. However, in Africa the youth unemployment rate is the lowest in the world compared to other regions, mainly reflecting the fact that unemployment is not a good measure of

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Getting back to business: Guidelines for Sports sector

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage in consultations with the Ministry of Health has revised the Resumption of Sports Guidelines as follows: a. All Contact Sports (Low-Risk) may resume their Premier (Tier 1) League and Team Kenya activities. All the other activities related to

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