The Proposed Removal From Office, by Impeachment, of The Governor of Kiambu County

On the 19th December 2019, the County Assembly of Kiambu passed a Resolution to impeach the Governor of Kiambu County, Hon. Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu Babayao.
  • 7 Feb 2020
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On the 19th December 2019,  the County  Assembly  of  Kiambu  passed  a  Resolution  to impeach  the  Governor  of  Kiambu County, Hon. Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu Babayao.

  • By a letter dated 20th December, 2019,  Ref:  CAK/1/19/10(24)  and  received  by the Speaker on  Monday,  23rd December, 2019, the Speaker of the County Assembly of Kiambu informed the Senate Speaker that at its 127th and 128th sittings held on Thursday, 19th December, 2019, the County Assembly of  Kiambu passed  a  Resolution  to  impeach  the  Governor  of    Kiambu  County,  Hon.  Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu Babayao,
  • The charges against Hon. Waititu as received from the County Assembly of Kiambu are as follows:
  1. Gross   Violation   of   the   Constitution   of   Kenya   2010,   the   County Governments Act, 2012, the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act, 2012, and the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005-
  • (i)  Lack  of  accountability  in  the  management  of  county  resources  by  incurring unsustainable  debts  and  other  pending  obligations  to  the  tune  of  Kshs4  billion.
  • (ii)  Violation  of  Articles  176(1)  and  185  of  the  Constitution  of  Kenya,  2010,  by disregarding  the  County  Assembly  as  an  arm  of  the  County  Government  and  further undermining  its  three  cardinal  roles  of  legislation,  oversight  and  representation  through systematic non-remittance of requisitioned funds in the Financial Year 2018/2019.
  • (iii)Failure  to  establish  the  County  Budget  &  Economic  Forum  as  stipulated  in Section 137 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012; as a result the County Governor  has  sabotaged  public consultation.
  1. Crimes under the National Law
  • The  County  Governor  committed  serious  crimes  under  National  Law by violating  Article  40  of  the  Constitution  of  Kenya,  2010  on  the  protection  of every person’s right to property and Section 155 of the Land Act, 2012, which bars  unlawful  acquisition  and  occupation  of  property  through  the  forceful dispossession  of  Mrs.  Cecilia  Njoki  Mbugua,  a  widow  of  two  prime  plots  of land     within     Thika     Municipality.
  1. Abuse of Office/Gross Misconduct
  • The County Governor exhibited gross misconduct through conflict  of  interest  and  contravention  of  the  Public  Procurement  and  Disposal Act,  2005  in  influencing  the  award  of  lucrative  tenders  to  companies  associated with immediate family and close relatives.
  • At the end of the hearing on Wednesday, the Speaker put the Question, that the Senate remove from office by impeachment, the Hon. Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu Babayao,the Governor of Kiambu County, for Abuse of office/Gross misconduct,put and the Senate proceeded to vote by County Delegations. The results were 28 votes to 11 and Senate resolved to remove from office, by impeachment, Hon. Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu Baba Yao, the Governor of Kiambu County.