Taxpayers’ burden of keeping Kenya Kwanza CASs in office

Kenya Taxpayers’ burden of keeping Kenya Kwanza CASs in office Kenyan taxpayers will spend more than half a billion shillings annually on salaries and benefits for the 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) whose names were forwarded to Parliament for approval on Thursday, putting more strain

17th February 2023 Trade and Financial Services Round Up

Kenya Nairobi plans new zoning policy as exclusivity wanes Nairobi is considering a new zoning policy, which will reclassify some estates as residential or mixed-use neighbourhoods at a time some suburbs are coming under pressure from a previous reclassification that has hurt their exclusivity. Speaking

Electoral reform agenda gets back on the table

Opposition boss Raila Odinga this week began piling the pressure on President William Ruto that he hopes will culminate in a discussion at the negotiating table. His plan, according to a media report, is to rally his supporters into mass action and civil disobedience. Mr

20th January 2023 Political and Regulatory Round Up

 Kenya  Senators approve changes to IEBC law  Senators have approved the IEBC (Amendment) Bill 2022, the proposed law that seeks to change composition of the selection panel to recruit poll commissioners.  The legislators spent most of Thursday debating the Bill that will affect appointments of

28th October 2022 Kenya Gazette

Legislative Supplements, 2022 The Energy (Petroleum Pricing) (Revocation) Regulations, 2022 The Petroleum (Pricing) Regulations, 2022 The Income Tax Act—Exemption The Capital Markets (Licensing Requirements) (General) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations, 2022 The Special Economic Zones Act— Declaration of Special Economic Zones The Competition Act—Exclusions The Miscellaneous

14th 0ctober 2022 Kenya Gazette

Legislative Supplements, 2022 ·         The Sugar Bill, 2022 Judiciary Appointments ●     The Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya appointed numerous magistrates to preside over cases relating to corruption and economic crimes in the areas of jurisdiction of their current court

7th October 2022 Political and Regulatory Round Up

KENYA MPs fight as Wetang’ula rules Kenya Kwanza has majority National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula yesterday found himself in murky waters as MPs protested his declaration of Kenya Kwanza as the majority side forced him to end the sitting of the House prematurely. Mr Wetang’ula,

30th September 2022 Kenya Gazette

LEGISLATIVE SUPPLEMENTS, 2022 ● The Accountants (Quality Assurance Review) Regulations, 2022 ● The Accountants (Examinations) Rules, 2022 ● Gachigi Kamau to be the Non-Executive Chairperson of the National Industrial Training Authority, for a period of one (1) year, with effect from the July 13, 2022.

How sustainability can contribute to peace and security in the country

Several parts of Kenya have been suffering from recurrent bouts of insecurity and conflict between neighbouring communities and peoples. For example, Northern Kenya has a long history of conflict and marginalisation with communities fighting over the few existing natural resources such as grazing fields. The

23rd September 2022 Kenya Gazette

JUDICIARY ●     The Chief Justice, Martha Koome, has gazetted notice of extension of the period of appointment of Adjudicators for a period of twelve (12) months, with effect from 25th September, 2022. ●     The Chief Justice, Martha Koome, has gazetted the

Karua mulls over petitioning Supreme Court decision at the East African Court of Justice

The Supreme Court of Kenya on Monday, September 5, 2022, upheld the election of Dr William Ruto as president, dismissing Azimio la Umoja’s petition, after finding no discrepancies in the vote tallies with no credible evidence that the IEBC computer systems and transmission network had

Whitman’s appointment as envoy expected to boost US-Kenya strategic trade and investment partnership

Kenya is a recognized trade hub in the continent, and has been viewed as an important strategic partner of the United States. This is evident from the nomination and recent approval by the US Senate of former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and eBay, Margaret

12 November 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

National Assembly Bills, 2021  The Geriatric Bill, 2021 Legislative Supplements, 2021 The Public Finance Management (National Roads Toll Fund) Regulations, 2021 PUBLIC SECTOR Appointments The Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage has disbanded the National Executive Committee of Football Kenya Federation and appointed a

Proposed Constitutional reforms in the Building Bridges to a United Kenya Taskforce Report

Article 151 is being amended to include the Office of the Prime Minister who shall be appointed by the President.


PUBLIC SECTOR Appointments I.E.B.C has appointed Mele Joseph Eroo as the County Returning Officer for Nairobi County for purposes of clearing the Deputy County Governor, Nairobi City County. A special sitting of the Assembly shall be held in the National Assembly Chamber in the Main


THE KENYA GAZETTE SUMMARY Legislative Supplements The Traffic Act—Exemption The Public Service Commission Regulations, 2020 PUBLIC SECTOR Appointments The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, notifies the public that the Private Security (General) Regulations (Legal Notice No. 108 of 2019) was


Legislative Supplements Declaration of Special Economic Zone The Kenya Trade Network Agency Order, 2011 The Competition Act—Exclusions The  Nutritionists  and  Dieticians  (Entry Requirements)  (Training  Institutions) Regulations, 2019 The Nutritionists and Dieticians (Training Institutions) (Fees) Regulations, 2019 The Crops (Food Crops) Regulations, 2019 The  Land  Adjudication 


PUBLIC SECTOR Appointments President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed Joshua Toro (Eng.) to be the Chairperson of the National Irrigation Authority Board. The Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning has appointed members of the various Land Control Boards. The Cabinet Secretary for Education has appointed


Legislative Supplement The University Act – Charter for Umma University Acts The Nuclear Regulatory Act, 2019 TRADE AND MANUFACTURING SECTOR Electricity Tariffs, Prices, Charges and Rates A Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) levy of +2.22 Kenya cents per kWh for all meter readings to be


PUBLIC SECTOR Appointments The National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board has appointed the member of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund committees of Imenti  and Baringo South constituencies. FINANCIAL SERVICES Notices Old Investment (K) Limited Mutual Services has notified the Capital Markets Authority of its