14th 0ctober 2022 Kenya Gazette

October 14, 2022 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By The Vellum Team

Legislative Supplements, 2022

·         The Sugar Bill, 2022



     The Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya appointed numerous magistrates to preside over cases relating to corruption and economic crimes in the areas of jurisdiction of their current court stations and future stations deployed to from time to time, with effect from the 3rd October 2022.

  •  The Attorney-General has appointed Hon. Justice Teresia Matheka as a member of the Taskforce on the National Council on the Administration of Justice Bill and Anthony Mwichigi as the Joint Secretary.

·         The Attorney-General has appointed various persons as members of the National Crime Research Centre for a period of three years.

·         Principal Judge Eric Ogola has nominated Hon. Justice Alfred Mabeya and Hon. Lady Justice Maureen Odero as members of the High Court Advisory Committee for a period of three years with effect from 6th October 2022.  

Finance Sector

Public Procurement – Debarment

·         National Treasury and Planning Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani, through the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority has debarred Oxplus International Company Limited from participating in public procurement and asset disposal proceedings for three years with effect from 18th March 2022.

Statement of Revenues and Net Exchequers Issues

The Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning, Ukur Yatani, has gazetted the Statement of Actual Revenues and Net Exchequer Issues as at September 30, 2022.

Below is a summary of the statement:


·         Original Estimates – 3,544,602,089,866.00

·         Actual Receipts – 680,682,053,603.85

Total Recurrent Exchequer Issues

·         Original Estimates – 1,178,399,125,393.00

·         Exchequer Issues – 276,109,776,373.15

Total CFS Exchequer Issues

·         Original Estimates – 1,571,810,752,102.00

·         Exchequer Issues – 264, 790,649,214.95

Total Development Exchequer Issues

• Original Estimates (Kshs) – 424,392,212,371.00

• Exchequer Issues (Kshs) – 68,055,751,148.55

Total Issues to National Government

• Original Estimates (Kshs) – 3,174,602,089,866.00

• Exchequer Issues (Kshs) – 608,956,176,736.65

Total Issues Equitable Issues

• Original Estimates (Kshs) – 370,000,000,000.00

• Total Cash Released (KSh.) – 70,337,798,264.00


• Original Estimates (Kshs) – 3,544,602,089,866.00

• Exchequer Issues (Kshs) – 679,293,975,000.65

Central Bank of Kenya- Licensing of Digital Credit Providers

The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Dr Patrick Njoroge, has licensed several entities as Digital Credit Providers.

Trade Sector

Dissolved Companies

The Registrar of Companies has listed several companies dissolved and whose names have been struck off the Register of Companies.

Land and Environment Sector

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, Najib Balala, has gazetted the plans for;

·         Tsavo East National Park Management Plan 2021-2031

·         Tsavo West National Park Management Plan 2021-2031

The Registrar of Titles has gazetted several persons issued with;

·         Provisional Certificate of Titles  

·         Provisional Certificate of Lease

·         New Land Title Deeds

·         Registration of Instruments

·         Reconstruction of Lost or Destroyed Land Registers

Health Sector

Accredited Bodies

The Kenya Accreditation Service has listed several Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies that have been registered as accredited bodies.

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