Climate conference takeaways: Key outcomes from COP27 and the next steps as we head to COP28

Discussions over establishing a “new collective quantifiable target on climate finance” for 2024, taking into account the requirements and interests of poor nations, took place during COP27. The conversations focused on ways to overcome climate problems and how to give the funding, resources, and instruments

Beyond COP27? The journey to actualise climate finance commitments

Developed countries pledged US$100 billion to aid developing countries in the fight against climate change in 2015. As at last year’s COP26 in Glasgow, this target had still not been reached and therefore, this year’s COP discussions anchored on how this commitment would be realized.

COP27: Climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts in Africa hang in the balance without adequate financing

Our common heritage is under threat and with the approach of the IFCC Conference of Parties 27 (COP27) which takes place next week at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Climate Finance will be on the table for discussion. Climate change is well-nigh upon us. It