5th February 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

February 5, 2021 - Reading Time: 3 minutes - By Wanjiku Mwai


  • The Health Laws(Amendment) Bill, 2021



  • The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works has appointed members of the Kenya National Highways Authority Board, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 18th November, 2020.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has appointed a Taskforce on the Reform and Re-engineering of the Kenya Utalii College.


The Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure has published in the Gazette, a classification of roads in various counties as urban roads of Class UA, UC and UL.  


  • The Ag. Commissioner for Co-Operative Development has canceled the registration of the Hunters Profile Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited (CS/12546) and ordered that it be liquidated. Members of the society may within thirty (30) days from today appeal to the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operative Development against the cancellation order. Consequently, Daniel Nguti Kiio, Principal Co-operative Auditor has been appointed to be the liquidator for a period not exceeding one (I) year and authorize him of take unto him custody all the properties of the said society including such books and documents as are deemed necessary for the completion of the liquidation exercise.
  • The Ag. Commissioner for Co-Operative Development has ordered an inquiry to be conducted on the Komothai F.C.S. Limited (CS 428). This was as a result of the petition to the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries that an inquiry be held into — (by-laws; working, financial conditions, governance structures and the conduct of management committee, past or present members or officers of the Society.


The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has published in the Gazette a Notice of its decisions on the applications for Air Service Licenses.

The Commissioner of Customs and Border Control has appointed Syokimau ICD, Nairobi as a transit Shed and set out its limits.

The Customs and Border Control Department has published a list of goods to be sold at the Customs Warehouse – Forodha JKIA & Kilindini and issued a Notice that if they will not be entered and removed from the Warehouse within thirty (30) days they will be sold by public auction on 9th March 2021.

The National Standards Council has published in the Gazette, the specifications or codes of practice to be Kenya Standards.

The Competition Authority of Kenya has notified the general public that the following Transactions:  have been authorized:

  • The Proposed Acquisition of Additional 50% Share Capital in Nakuru Meadows Development Limited by Pan African Housing Fund LLC;
  • The Proposed Acquisition of Control of Glacier Products Limited by Agri-Vie Fund II Proprietary Limited;
  • The Proposed Acquisition of Control of the Wheat Milling Business of Mcneel Millers Limited by Kenblest Processors Limited;
  • The Proposed Acquisition of Control of Qpea Gt Menengai Limited by Globeleq Geothermal (Kenya) Limited;
  • The Proposed Acquisition of the Maize Milling Business of Kenblest Limited by Max Grains Limited; and
  • The Proposed Acquisition of Control of the Bakery Business of Kenblest Limited by Kenblest Foods Limited. 

The Proposed Acquisition of 100% of the Issued Share Capital of Resolution Leapfrog Holding Limited by Linkham Services Limited was authorized on condition that the parties comply with other regulatory approvals.

Completion of Development Plans

The preparation of the below-mentioned Part Development Plans relating to land situated within Murang’a County is complete:

  • C21/708/20P—Proposed KMTC and Formalization of Kigumo District Hospital.
  • C21/Njaiini/2020/1—Proposed Formalization of Existing Nursery School.
  • C21/Muranga/2020/03 —Proposed Formalization of Existing Commercial.
  • C21/Kiumba/2020/1— Proposed Formalization of Existing AIPCA Kiumba Church and the proposed Formalization of Existing Kiumba Primary School.
  • C21/Gatunguru/2020/1—Proposed Formalization of Existing Dispensary.
  • C21/Kanorero/2020/01 —Proposed Formalization of Existing Commercial Plot.

The preparation of the below-mentioned Part Development Plans relating to land situated within Narok Town, Narok County is complete:

  • PDP No. R16312020/04—Existing Medium Density Residential Plot No. 103 Block 11, Narok Town.
  • PDP No. R163/2020/06—Existing Commercial Plot No. 128 Block 3, Narok Town. 

The preparation of the Part Development Plan – PDP No. RIB/32812021101—Proposed Site for Residential Development within Kabarnet Municipality is complete.

The preparation of below-mentioned Part Development Plans relating to land situated within Wajir Municipality, Wajir County is complete:

  • PDP No. 332/2021/05 – Proposed Site for Women Empowerment Centre-Wajir
  • PDP No. 332/2020/08, 09 and 10 – Proposed Sites for Medium Density Residential Plots


The Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency, has proposed to develop two separate waste water treatment plants and an approximate 51km conveyance system for the waste water linking the towns to the treatment sites, administration and laboratory buildings, ancillary works to cover Makutano and Kapenguria towns in West Pokot County. 

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