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The Kenya Gazette Summary

Senate Bills, 2020

The Mung Beans Bill, 2020



The Director-General of the National Environment Management Authority has appointed environmental inspectors for different jurisdictional units.



The Registrar of Companies has gazetted a list of companies that will be struck of the Companies Register after 90 days.


The Agriculture and Food Authority has proposed to grant tea licences to the following applicants:

Name of ApplicantCategory of Licence
Tumoi Teas LimitedTea Manufacturing (Cottage)
Betsy Tea Brokers LimitedTea Broker
Nairobi Fair Trade Enterprises Limited Tea buyer/exporter
Thika Mount Kenya Coffee/Tea Packers Limited  Tea buyer/exporter
Tumoi Teas LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Nandi Hills Drinco International LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Muthaiga Tea Company LimitedTea buyer/exporter
T & TWYGS LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Mirongo Entreprises LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Mamlaka Tea LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Sharp & Deanne LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Nelmarks LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Lema Agencies LimitedTea buyer/exporter
Goldfarm PackersTea Packer


The Communications Authority of Kenya has gazetted a list of license applicants:

Wananchi Group (Kenya) Limited Renewal of Network Facilities Provider Tier Two (NFP-T2)
Iway Africa Kenya Limited.Renewal  of  Network  Facilities  Provider Tier   Two   (NFP-T2)   and   International Gateway   Systems   and   Services   (IGSS) Operator
Kozi Connect LimitedNetwork Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFP-T3)
Broadcasting Services
Getembe  Television  Network Limited / Getembe Television NetworkCommercial   Free   to Air Television Licence
Hamilton Media Group Limited / Xman TVCommercial   Free   to Air Television Licence
Telemain Company Limited / Mwana  Africa TVCommercial   Free   to Air Television Licence
Wadani Cable TV Limited / Wadani Cable TVSubscription Broadcasting   Service Licence
Postal / Courier Services
Reyma Spikes General Services LimitedNational Postal/ Courier Operator
Fikysha RydesNational Postal/ Courier Operator
Brazil Safaris LimitedNational Postal/ Courier Operator
Ascc LogisticsInternational Postal/ Courier Operator
Menya  Services  Savings  and Credit   Co-operative   Society LimitedNational Postal/ Courier Operator
Kebian Solutions LimitedNational Courier Operator Licence
Super Premium Tours and Travel LimitedNational Courier Operator Licence

Completion of Development Plan

Title of Development Plan: Proposed Site for Police Station; Advisory Plan No. R/B/181/2020/01.

Proposed Farm Rer Sheikh Abdi Farm Pdp No.332/2019/17.

Formalisation of the Existing Commercial Plot Pdp No.332/2019/16.

Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report

Proposed construction of decentralized treatment facility at Sabasaba, Maragua Constituency, Kamahuha Ward, Kaharati Sub-Location, Murang’a County

Murang’a  South  Water  and Sanitation  Company (MUSWASCO),  is  proposing  to  construct  a sewerage infrastructure for  Sabasaba,  Maragua  and  their  surrounding  areas  to  be  financed  by World  Bank  and  implemented  through  Water  Sector  Trust  Fund (WSTF).

Proposed solid waste transfer station and composting site located in Blue Valley Plot No. Aguthi/ Gatitu/ 670, Nyeri County

County  Government  of  Nyeri  has  proposed  to develop   anintegrated   waste   management   system   which   aims   at improving  solid  waste  management  in  the  Nyeri  Town.

The proposed installation of Peace Submarine Fibre Optic Cable from The Kenyaz territorial waters up to The Cable Landing Station at Nyali, Mombasa County

The project proponent intends  to  install  submarine  fiber  optic system  that  connects  the  Kenya  to  Pakistan, Djibouti  and  Europe  via the fibre optic cable whose entry point is at Nyali Beach in Mombasa. The   project   will   consist   of   marine   component   and   terrestrial component. The marine component entails installation of a submarine cable for  distance  totaling  to  498.973km  and  the  total  cable  length  is 511.721km, the cable is expected to traverse along the marine reserve which is within the jurisdiction of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The cable  be  laid  a  further  1.66km  from  the  BMH  up  to  the  cable landing station near Nyali Primary School.

Proposed construction of the North Horr–Marsabit (B75) Road, Marsabit County

Kenya  National  Highways  Authority  is  proposing to    construct    the    North    Horr–Marsabit    (B75) Road    which    is approximately   194km   long   and   lies   in   Marsabit   County   of   the Republic  of  Kenya. 

The proposed upgrading of 62 Km Kiambu-Ngewa–Kibichoi–Thika Road to Dual Standard in Kiambu County

Kenya  National  Highways  Authority  is  proposing to   construct   the   Kiambu–Ngewa–Kibichoi   (B30) Road   which   is approximately  22km  long  and  the  scope  of  work  extends  beyond covering  the  entire  B30 Road.


KITUIThe  County Executive   Committee   Member   (CECM),   Ministry   of   Trade,   Co-operatives and Investment, Kitui County has appointed Peter Mweu Nguli as  a  Director  to  the  Board  of  the  Kitui  County  EPZ  Limited.
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