28th August 2020 Kenya Gazette Review

August 28, 2020 - 5 Minutes Read - By The Vellum Team

Legislative Supplements, 2020

  • The Public Service Superannuation Scheme Act – Commencement
  • The Income Tax Act—Exemption
  • The Kenya Deposit Insurance Act—Amount Payable as Protected Deposit
  • The Nutritionists and Dieticians (Entry Requirements)(Training Institutions) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020
  • The Competition Act—Exclusion
  • The Public Health (Covid-19   Sale   of Alcoholic Drinks) Rules, 2020
  • The Crops (Nuts and Oil Crops) Regulations, 2020

Senate Bills, 2020

  • The County Vocational Education and Training Bill, 2020
  • The Persons with Disabilities (Amendment)  Bill, 2020

National Assembly Bills, 2020

  • The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2020



  • The Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury and Planning has appointed William Okari Masita to be the Managing Trustee of the Policy Holders Compensation Fund.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands has appointed members of the Board of Trustees of the Local Authorities Pension Trust.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operatives has appointed member of the Board of Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Centre
  • The Director Public Prosecutions has revoked the appointment of several Public Prosecutors for all cases arising  in  all  County  Governments formerly Municipal Council and County Council.


  • The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operatives, has extended the term of the National Steering Committee on the Revitalization and Revival of Cotton and Pyrethrum Value Chains.
  • The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited has amended the Target System Loss Factor in transmission and  distribution from 14.9% to 19.9% effective 1st July, 2020.


The Postal Corporation of Kenya has applied to the Communications Authority of Kenya for approval to review their postage rates as necessitated by increased cost of service delivery.

The Communications Authority of Kenya has published in the Kenya Gazette a list of applicants for different licenses.

Name /Station IdentityLicence Category
Taafis Communications Limited / Fuma TVCommercial Free to Air Television Licence
Toshey Empire Limited/Empire TelevisionCommercial Free to Air Television Licence  
Trinity United Methodist Church/Trinity UnitedCommercial Free to Air Television Licence  
Mizpah Foundation / Mizpah TVCommercial Free to Air Television Licence
Jicho Pevu Limited.MO Radio FMCommercial Free to Air Radio Licence
Kalya Media House Limited.Chichi RadioCommercial Free to Air Radio Licence
Rock Community Based Organization / Mwijoyo FM Community Free to Air Radio Licence  
Tembea  Youths  Centre  for  Sustainable  Development  CBO / Tembea FM Community Free to Air Radio Licence  
Topshine Security Services Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Masige Security Services Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Talon Security (K) Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Cape Courier Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Bigfoot Courier Services  Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Kiemwa  Savings  and  Credit  Co-operative  Society  Limited. National Postal/Courier Operator Licence  
Nyamakimaline Services Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Faijon Fibre Connect Limited. Network Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFP-T3)
Amitruck LimitedNational Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Chauffeurs Services Kenya LtdNational Postal/Courier Operator Licence
Sema Stage Minibus Owners Savingsand Credit Co-operative Society LimitedNational Postal/Courier Operator Licence


Podo Park Limited

The final general meeting of the members the Podo Park Limited will  be  held  at  Suite  04,  Northstar Building,  Lenana Road, Nairobi on Monday the 28th  day of September,2020 at 10 O’clock in the  forenoon precisely,  for  the  purpose  of  having  an  Account  laid before  them  and  to  receive  the  liquidators  report  showing  how  the winding-up  of  the  Company  has  been  conducted  and  its  property disposed of and of hearing any explanations that may be given by the Liquidator.

CICA Motors Limited  and  Exonia  Investments  Limited

CICA Motors Limited and Exonia Investments Limited held member meetings on 11th August, 2020 where it was resolved that the Companies be wound up as a Members’ Voluntary Winding Up  and  that  Messrs  George  Weru  and  Muniu  Thoithi  be appointed  Joint Liquidators for the purpose of the winding-up.

Put Sarajevo General Engineering Company Limited have filed for liquidation and the petition will be heard on the 1st day of October, 2020.

Nesfood Industries Limited has published in the Kenya Gazette a statutory demand against Atta Kenya Limited.

Business Transfer

  • Panorama Technical Services Limited is being transfered to Panorama Engineering and Trading  Limited which intends to carry on its business at  its  premises  in  Ruiru  within  Kiambu  County,  in  the  Republic  of Kenya.
  • The  business  and  assets  of  Amana Petroleum (Kenya) Limited a company carrying out the business of operating a petrol service station have been transfered to Ola Energy Kenya Limited which will carry  on  the  business  of  running  a  petrol  service  station  under  the name “OLA Energy.”

Part  Development Plan

  • PDP  Ref.No.  MIG/133/2020/02  (Migori  Town), Existing  Site  for  a Commercial Plot
  • PDP No. W/2020/01, Proposed site for Industrial Park, Mumias
  • C21/Kigumo/2019/1–Proposed Formalization of Existing ACC&S Memorial Church-Kigumo
  • C21/Kangure/1493–Proposed  Formalization  of  Existing  ACK  Church Kangure
  • C21/Kihoya/2020/1 A and B Proposed Formalization of Existing Commercial Plots C. Proposed Formalization of Kihoya AIPCA Church D.Proposed Formalizationof Kihoya Open Air Market
  • C21/Kimathi/2020/1 –Proposed Formalization of Existing ACK Church Kayo Centre
  • C21/Gitie/202/1 –Proposed Formalization of Existing ACK Church Gitie
  • PDP Ref. Nos. Mig//133/2020/01 (Migori Town) and Kur/1861/01/2020  (Kehancha  Town) –Existing  Sites  for  National Housing Corporation 
  • PDP No. R163/2020/03: Proposed Extension of Road ‘A’ of ten metres into  National  Museums  Land  (Zone  453)  to  create  access  road  for parcel No. Cis-Mara/Oleleshwa/308
  • PDP No. KBU/4/2020/01: St. Matia Mulumba Catholic Church

Environmental  Impact  Assessment  Study  Report

The Proposed Battery Servicing Facility In Land Reference Number 11895/48, Scarlet Business Park, Athi River, Machakos County – Betrilyf Solutions Limited, is proposing to put up a battery   servicing   facility   that   covers   project   installation,   project operation  including  receiving  of  batteries,  charging  and  discharging, adding  BSI  additive  to  restore  batteries  to  as  good  as  new  while ensuring   negative   impacts   are   properly   mitigated.

The Proposed Construction of a Protection Seawall at Vasco Da Gama Pillar in Malindi -Kilifi County – National   Museums   of   Kenya   is   proposing   is proposing marine engineering works to restore the coral cliff and also undertake   measures   to   mitigate   further   wave   action   on   the site.

Proposed Construction Gated Residential Housing Development On Plot L.R. No. 12581/163 off Mombasa-namanga Road Interchange, Mavoko Machakos County – Paul  Mungai  Kimani,  Charles  Maina  Muriuki  & George  Nyoro  Waigi,  is  proposing  to  develop  a  Gated  Residential Housing  Development  project

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