11th September 2020 Parliamentary Round Up

September 11, 2020 - Reading Time: 5 minutes - By The Vellum Team

Communication from the Chair

The Speaker said that he was in receipt of a letter from the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for the National Treasury and Planning, seeking the approval of the House for the release of 50  per cent of the equitable  share  of  the  national  revenue  that  was allocated to the county governments in the Division of Revenue Act 2020 to the 47 county governments.


There was a message from His Excellency the President seeking the National Assembly’s approval of the appointment of  Ms. Ann Nderitu  as  the  Registrar  of  Political  Parties,  Mr.  Ali  Abdullahi  Suro,  Ms.  Florence Tabu Biria and Mr. Makore Wilson Muhoji as Assistant Registrars of Political Parties.

Papers Laid

  • Legal Notice No.139 relating to tax procedure on Assembled Motor Vehicles and Trailers Amendment Regulations 2020 and the explanatory memorandum.
  • Legal   Notice   No.151   relating   to   Stamp   Duty,   Valuation   of   Immovable   Property Regulations of 2020 and the explanatory memorandum.
  • Special Audit, report of the Auditor-General on accounts of the National Land Commission (payments on behalf of other Government entities for the period 2014/2015 and 2016/2017).
  • The Quarterly Economic and Budgetary Review Report for the Financial Year 2019/2020 period ending on 30thJune 2020 for the National Treasury and Planning.
  • Report of  the  Auditor-General  for  the  National  Government  for  the  Financial  Year 2017/2018.
  • Summary  of  the  Report  of  the  Auditor-General  for  the  National  Government  for  the Financial Year 2017/2018
  • June 2020 Report on investing in Kenya’s people, valuing the benefits of the United States Kenya relationship by the researchers at the College of William and Mary in the United States of America.
  • A new Report and financial statements of the Kenya Dairy Board for the Financial Year ended 30th June 2018.
  • The  Report  of  the  Auditor-General  and  financial  statements  of  the  Kenya  Reinsurance Corporation Limited for the year ended 31stDecember 2019 and the certificate therein.
  • Report  of  the  Auditor-General  and  financial  statements  of  the  Capital  Markets Authority for the Financial Year ended 30thJune 2019 and the certificate therein.
  • Report  of  the  Departmental  Committee  on  Lands  on  its  consideration  of  the  Lands Registration (Amendment) Bill, (National Assembly Bill No.7, 2020).

Notice of Motion

Establishment of Database Centres in all Civil Registration Centres

Hon.  (Ms.)  Mary  Njoroge (Maragwa, JP) gave notice of the Motion: That the House urges the Government to establish data base centres in all civil registration centres for the purpose of storing all the necessary information required for issuance of birth certificates to all children and put in place administrative mechanisms to ensure that every child is automatically issued with a birth certificate before the child attains the age of three years.


Alteration of the Calendar of the House

That the House alters its Calendar for the Fourth Session (Regular Sessions) with respect to the sittings of the House during the period of 9th September to 15th October 2020 :

  • The House will hold afternoon sittings on Tuesdays commencing at 2.30 p.m. and morning and afternoon sittings on Thursdays commencing at10.00 a.m. and at 2.30 p.m., respectively;
  • That with effect from Wednesday, 9th September 2020, the sittings of the House of Wednesdays (Morning and Afternoon) stand suspended; and
  • That notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order 40 (3), on Thursday mornings, business not sponsored by the Majority Party, the Minority Party or a Committee shall have precedence over all other business, in such order as the House Business Committee shall determine.
  • That the  House  adopts the  Twenty  Third  Report  of  the  Public  Investments Committee on its consideration of the Auditor General’s Reports on Financial Statements of State Corporations, laid on the Table of the House on Thursday, 2nd July 2020.
  • That this House adopts the  Twenty  Third  Report  of  the  Public Investments  Committee  on  its  consideration  of  the  Auditor  General’s Reports on  Financial  Statements  of  State  Corporations
  • That this House adopts the Report of the Departmental Committeeon Environment and Natural Resources on an Inquiry into the Status of Dams in Kenya
  • That this House adopts the Report of the Departmental Committeeon  Environment  and  Natural  Resources  on  its  Inquiry  into  the  Death  of Eleven  Black  Rhinos  after  Translocation  to  the TsavoEast  National  Park Sanctuary

First Reading

  • The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill
  • The Insurance Professionals Registration Bill


Communication from the Chair

The Speaker (Hon. Lusaka) welcomed back the senators to the Fourth  Session that will run from 8th September, 2020  to  22nd October 2020 pursuant to the Senate Calendar. He said that the Senate Business Committee had a meeting on Thursday morning and agreed as follows – 

  • That a consultative meeting will be held between the informal Committee and the Senate Leadership on Thursday, 10th September 2020.
  • That  a Kamukunji will be  held  on  Monday, 14th September 2020 to apprise the entire membership on progress made and the outcome of the consultative engagement 
  • That the matter of the report of the Committee on Finance and Budget on Third basis for revenue allocation among the county governments be listed on the Order Paper on Tuesday, 15th September 2020.  

Papers Laid

  • Report of the Ad hoc Committee on Managed Equipment Services (MES) on the inquiry into the MES project by the Ministry of Health. 
  • The  report  on  the  implementation  of  the  directive  issued  by  the Speaker  of  the Senate on Monday, 17th August, 2020 regarding the whereabouts of the three Senators.
  • Report  of  the  Committee  on  Powers  and  Privileges  on  the  Inquiry  into  the Conduct of Senators during the Election of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Health.
  • The Public Health (COVID-19 General Public Safety) Rules, 2020, Legal Notice No. 129 of 2020. 
  • The  Public  Health  (COVID-19  Sale  of  Alcoholic  Drinks)  Rules,  2020,  Legal Notice No. 163 of 2020.
  • Report of  the  Standing  Committee  of  Finance  and  Budget on the Petition presented by Sen. Enock Wambua, MP, on non-payment of Kitui County Executive of pending bills incurred during the 2015/2016 financial year. 
  • Report of the Standing Committee on Finance and Budget on the Equalization Fund Bill (National Assembly Bill no.43 2019)

Notices of Motions

That the Senate adopts the Report of the Committee of Powers and Privileges on the inquiry into the Conduct of Sen. Beatrice Kwamboka, MP, and Sen. Mary Seneta, MP, during the Election of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Health, laid on the Table of the Senate on Tuesday, 8th September 2020.


  • Access by county governments to their share of nationally raised revenue for FY 2020/2021.
  • Appointment of Sen. (Dr.) Gertrude Musuruve  Inimah  as  the  Co-chairperson  of the  International  Parliamentary  Network  for Education (IPNE).
  • Alleged approval of the vaginal ring to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in AFRICA.
  • Imposition of VAT on clean and renewable energy products.
  • Misappropriation of Staff Emoluments, Statutory Deductions and other Labour Relations Violations
  • State of Affairs at the Postal Corporation of Kenya
  • Destruction by fires, of the conservation area around Tsavo National Park

Business For The Week Commencing Tuesday,15th September 2020

The SBC will  prioritize these Bills accordingly starting with the following that have been scheduled for Tuesday,  15th September, 2020 –

  • The Prompt Payment Bill (Senate Bills No. 3 Of 2020)
  • The Community Health Services Bill (Senate Bills No. 5 Of 2020)
  • The Equalization Fund Bill (National Assembly Bills No. 43 Of 2019)
  • The Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bills No. 51 Of 2017) 
  • The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood)  Bill  (Senate  Bills  No.  10  of 2019)  
  • The Elections (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills No. 18 of 2019)
  • The Kenya Sign Language Bill (Senate Bills No. 15 of 2019)
  • Consideration of the National Assembly Amendments to The County Outdoor Advertising Control Bill (Senate Bills No. 19 of 2018)
  • The Wildlife  Conservation and Management  (Amendment) Bill (Senate  Bills No. 24 of 2019) 
  • The Law of Succession (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills No. 1 of 2020) 
  • The County Resource Development Bill (Senate Bills No. 2 of 2020) 
  • The Sectional Properties Bill (National Assembly Bills No.23 of 2019) 
  • The Livestock and Livestock Products Marketing Board Bill(National Assembly Bill No. 2 of 2019)
  • The representation of special interest groups law (Amendment Bill) (National Assembly Bill No. 52 of 2019)
  • The Investment promotion (amendment Bills) Senate Bills No. 8 of 2020)
  • The Mung Beans Bill (Senate Bills No.9 of 2020)

Second Reading

·       The Sectional Properties Bill

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