Senate Plenary Sitting: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 2:30 PM

April 6, 2020 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By The Vellum Team

Senate Plenary Sitting: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 2:30 PM

Only 28 Senators were invited to this plenary session.

Communication from the Chair

The Speaker stated that Plenary and Committee sittings will be held after consultations with the Ministry of Health. The Speaker issued guidelines on how plenary sessions will be held during this time of COVID 19.

Message from the National Assembly

The Division of Revenue Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 3 of 2020)

The Bill has been committee of Finance and Budget and listed for Order paper of Tuesday 7th April 2020


Report of the mediation committee on the County Amendments Bill

Notices of motion

Adoption of the Report of the mediation committee on the County Amendments Bill by the Senate.

Motion – Comprehensive National Response to the COVID – 19 Situation

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a global health pandemic resulting in an unprecedented global health crisis that has now manifested internationally in over 184 Countries and Territories, with escalating numbers of new cases being reported, with over 700,000 confirmed cases and over 30,000 deaths worldwide

The Senate resolved to –

(a) laud the national Government for the measures it has so far put in place in combating the spread of the virus;

(b) commend and appreciate all healthcare workers in the country for their selfless effort, commitment to service, care and compassion towards persons who have been infected or affected by the virus;

(c) call upon the national Government to expand the membership of the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus to include representation by Parliament, the Judiciary, the Council of Governors, the Media, and Private Sector;

(d) establish an Ad Hoc Committee of the Senate which shall oversight actions and measures taken by the national and county governments in addressing the spread and effects of COVID-19 in Kenya and shall address the following, among other matters-

i)                 provision of testing and medical equipment, including adequate ventilators in referral hospitals and in at least one public hospital in each county.

ii)                provision of adequate isolation centres and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)facilities in each county.

iii)              measures to ensure continuous supply of food and other essential commodities at affordable prices.

iv)              measures to enable learners in educational institutions to continue with their studies.

v)               measures to ensure protection, safety and well-being of healthcare and other frontline workers.

vi)              enhancement of capacity and flexible deployment of healthcare staff.

vii)             financial assistance to vulnerable persons and groups.

viii)           protection of residential and commercial tenants.

ix)              establishment of a stimulus package for the Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

x)               easing of legislative and regulatory requirements for doing business.

xi)              measures to protect employees from retrenchment and job losses.

xii)             uniform policies and procedures aimed at slowing and eventually stopping the spread of the virus.

(e) appoint the following Senators to the Ad Hoc Committee-

i) Sen.Johnson Sakaja, CBS, MP;

ii) Sen.Michael Maling’a Mbito, MP;

iii) Sen.Abshiro Soka Halake, MP;

iv) Sen.Mithika Linturi, MP;

v) Sen.Erick Okong’o Mogeni,SC, MP;

and that the Committee tables a progress report within seven (7) days and thereafter tables a progress report on a weekly basis, and subsequently tables a final report within six (6) months.

The Speaker put the question and the senator voted for the Motion. The House was adjourned until Tuesday 7th April 2020.


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