12th March 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

March 13, 2021 - Reading Time: 5 minutes - By Wanjiku Mwai


  • The Dairy Industry Regulations, 2021
  • The Income Tax Act—Exemption
  • The Land Registration (Land Registration Units) Order, 2021
  • The Partnerships Act—Commencement
  • The Public Finance Management (National Drought Emergency Fund) Regulations, 2021


  • The Public Private Partnerships Bill, 2021
  • The Division of Revenue Bill, 2021
  • The Foreign Service Bill, 2021



The commodities specified in the first column of the Schedule as mill white/brown sugar , of the tariff numbers specified in the second column as 1701.99.90 and quantities specified in the third column as 210,163 may be imported duty free from COMESA Member States in the year 2021 and that the rate of duty specified in the fourth column as 100% shall apply to any quantity above the quantity that may be imported duty free, subject to such sugar meeting the Rules of Origin of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Notice has been given to all members of Tailors and Textiles Workers Union that a notice of change of the constitution of the union has been received. Any member intending to raise any objection against the amendments of the constitution is required to submit in writing any objections within twenty one (21) days from 12/3/2021. The amendments are open for scrutiny from the undersigned office during working hours.



The Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning has constituted a Taskforce on Formulation of the Sectional Properties Regulations under the Sectional Properties Act, 2020.  The Taskforce shall finalize its task within a period of two months from 12/3/2021

The Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning has appointed — Cyrus Mbisi Ogutu, Wilfred Ochieng Omollo (Dr.), as members of the Physical Planners Registration Board, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 12th March, 2021.

Completion Of Part Development Plans

The following part development plans have been completed:

PDP No: R5912021101—Existing Site for Residential Plots 

Invitation For Public Comments

The public has been invited to make comments on the following papers:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report For The Proposed Multi-storey Housing Development Project In Makasembo Estate, Kaloleni Shauro Moyo Ward, Kisumu Central Subcounty , Kisumu County
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report For The Proposed Proposed Oleshuru/Oleshonko Irrigation Scheme In Kajiado County


The Cabinet Secretary for Energy has appointed a Standing Committee on the Review and Re-Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority have released electricity tariffs, charges, prices and rates (2018) for the following:

  • Fuel Energy Cost Charge
  • Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Adjustment
  • Water Resource Management Authority Levy
  • Goods To Be Sold At Customs Warehouse, Forodha, Jkia


The Easter Recess of the Supreme Court shall commence on Thursday, 25th March, 2021 and terminate on Tuesday, 6th April, 2021 both days inclusive.

A duty judge will be available during the recess to deal with urgent matters.

During this period, the Supreme Court registry shall be A duty judge will be available during the recess to deal with urgent matters.

During this period, the Supreme Court registry shall be open to the public from 8.30 am. to 5.00 p.m. on all weekdays other than public holidays.open to the public from 8.30 am. to 5.00 p.m. on all weekdays other than public holidays.


Pursuant to section 894 (3) of the Companies Act, 2015, at the expiry of three months from 12/3/2021, unless the following companies show that they are carrying on business or are in operation, the Registrar of Companies shall strike off their names from the Register of Companies and the companies shall be dissolved:

  • Castor Vali (A) and Pevu Africa (N) Limited
  • Dahili Interactive Media Limited
  • Emirates Spare Motors Limited
  • Kirinyaga Glass Limited
  • Mobile Payments

At the expiry of three (3) months from 12/3/2021, unless cause is shown to the contrary, the Registrar of Companies shall strike off the names of the following companies from the Register of Companies and the companies shall be dissolved:

  • Adrem Limited
  • Afrofeel Limited
  • Akbar African Trading Limited
  • Amathh Contracts Limited
  • Amsoil Enterprises Limited
  • Baze Limited Benfi Freight Kenya Limited
  • Chempro Limited Cardiff Investments Limited
  • Ciye Group General Trading Company limited
  • Classic Brother Investments Limited
  • Crystalcare Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Decor De Jour Limited
  • Dokata Contractors and General Supplies Limited
  • Dunamis Wanieachiel Limited
  • Everest Manufacturing Limited
  • Fourstrong Enterprises Limited
  • Gildun Limited Impact Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Jambo Marketing Limited
  • Jinkosolar (Kenya) Limited
  • Kamukunji Quant Limited
  • Kariz Properties Limited
  • Kimpton Holdings Limited
  • Knebworth Investments Limited
  • Marslus Company Limited
  • Mackroad Limited
  • Maede Trading Company Limited
  • Menlcey Star Africa Limited
  • Mitpoint Limited
  • Modemtex Limited
  • Muki Blessed Herbs Limited
  • Navigators Investment Group Limited
  • North Star Buildmart Limited
  • Nibella Limited
  • Oshwal Enterprises (EA) Limited
  • Ocean Atlantic Company Limited
  • Pradoz Limited
  • Physiotherapy and Wellness Center Limited
  • PIK Investment Company Limited
  • Realinvest Ventures Limited
  • Re Fuels Kenya Limited
  • Sasa Solutions Limited
  • Shelyt Enterprises Limited
  • Snowflakes Car Air-conditioning and Diagnostics Limited
  • Sun Ace Kenya Limited
  • Sychar Centre Limited
  • Troy Limited
  • Trans-Regiona Holdings Limited
  • Trexco Auto Parts Limited
  • Utex Enterprises Limited
  • U-Cart General Supplies Limited
  • Wakande (Ken) Limited
  • Windan Trading Limited
  • Yangzte Enterprises Limited

The following companies have been dissolved and their names struck off the Register of Companies:

  • Alta Investments Limited
  • Danguud Limited
  • Galaxy Auctioneers Limited
  • Gishungo Limited
  • GVA Consulting Limited
  • IFCL Holdings Limited
  • Infinion Concepts Limited
  • Jemil Motors Limited
  • Kenya Karting Limited
  • Kericho Dot Natural Water Limited
  • KTRI Retail and Services Limited
  • Leleshwa Conservancy Limited
  • Masibun Farms Limited
  • Modern Ways Furniture Limited
  • Prime Craft Solutions Limited
  • Rossiya Valley Limited
  • Special Camping Safaris Limited
  • The Dynamic Woman Limited
  • Twins Penny Market Limited
  • A & B General Stores and Hardware Limited
  • Aerosports Limited
  • Africa Brands Limited
  • Anisha Enterprises Limited
  • Appliance City Limited
  • Blue Cube Limited
  • Blooming Dale Limited
  • Dorkcare Nursing Home Limited
  • Gokul Limited
  • Interarch Consilium Limited
  • IKA Homes Limited
  • Janfam Company Limited
  • Kiarish Investments Limited
  • Kimetrica Limited
  • Kisna Enterprises Limited
  • Las Colinas Bar and Grill Limited
  • Living Beyond Cancer and Disability Foundation
  • Mind Over Body Limited
  • Mits Electrical Company Limited
  • Nilkanth Logistics Limited
  • Noble Agri Limited
  • Sies Company Limited
  • Silverstream Supplies Limited
  • Swami Trailer and Automotive Parts Limited
  • Tamani Drilling Services Limited
  • Thogora Limited
  • Top Eastern Logistics Kenya Limited
  • Unique Inspiral Africa Limited
  • Wafa Equipment Kenya Limited
  • Zahanati Holdings Limited
  • Zen Holdings Limited

At the expiration of three (3) months from 12/3/2021, the names of the under-mentioned companies shall unless cause is shown to the contrary be struck off the Register of Companies and the companies shall be dissolved:

  • African Secrets Touts and Travel Limited
  • Agriquod International Limited
  • Agrotek Company Limited
  • Anas Maize Millers Limited
  • Antelox Limited
  • Asset Driving School Limited
  • Anywhere Photography East Africa Limited
  • Blue Elephant Limited
  • Babul Kheir Limited
  • Chandon Wine Trucks Limited
  • Compassionate Hands Limited
  • Cyrus The Great Petroleum Limited
  • Dyke Holdings Limited
  • Eflux Company Limited
  • Fairport Trading and Logistics Limited
  • Found Gates Company Limited
  • HCH Trading Limited
  • Info-point Cyberdome Limited
  • Integrated Power Solutions Limited
  • Istanbul Dental Clinic Limited
  • Jobick Limited
  • Johnmatt Logistics Limited
  • Justfut Trading Company Limited
  • Kivab Enterprises Limited
  • Kigezo Homes Limited
  • Master Universe fire and Safety Services Limited
  • Miamba Construction and Engineering Company Limited
  • Move Therapy Limited
  • Nesa Properties Limited
  • Neminath Investments Limited
  • One Earth Safaris Limited
  • One Resource Holdings Company Limited
  • Peed Freight Limited
  • Shabelli River Trading Company Limited
  • Snell Consultants Limited
  • Su-misuri Limited Tantus Limited
  • Teamzima Holdings Limited
  • The Wholesale Bazaar Limited
  • Tradewinds International Cargo Limited
  • Vamara Kenya Limited
  • Zahabi Investments Limited

The Registrar of Companies has restored the following company to the Register of Companies, with effect from the date of publication of this notice:

Blue Light Hospital and Diagnostic Centre Limited (PVT8LUR8EA)*


The National Treasury and Planning has released the following exchequer issues as at 26th february, 2021:

  • Actual Revenues And Net Exchequer Issues
  • Recurrent Exchequer Issues
  • Development Exchequer Issues
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