26th February 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

February 26, 2021 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By Acha Ouma

Legislative Supplements, 2021 

  • The Tax Appeals Tribunal (Procedure) (Amendment) Rules, 2021
  • The National Construction Appeals Board Rules, 2021 

Senate Bills, 2021

  • The Investment Promotion (Amendment) Bill, 2021
  • The County Statistics Bill, 2021

National Assembly Bills, 2021

The Landlord and Tenant Bill, 2021



The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Council has appointed members of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority Board


The Senate has approved its Calendar (Regular Sessions) for the Fifth Session, 2021



  • The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives has appointed— Beatrice M. Kimemia to be the Chairperson of the Co-operative Tribunal
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Water and Sanitation has appointed— Omar Boga to be Chairperson of the Coast Water Works Development Agency

EPRA decision on Magiro Hydro Electricity

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority notifies the general public that it has considered the tariff application made by Magiro Hydro Electricity Limited for three (3) sites: Gitugu, Kiawarabogo and Kahinduini in Murang’a County, and has approved the applicable tariffs for a period of one (1) year with effect from the 1st February, 2021

Licensing by the Agriculture and Food Authority

The Agriculture and Food Authority has proposed to grant license to The African Mirage Training and Management Consultants Limited for a sisal manufacturing factory. Any objections to the proposed grant of license/certificate should be lodged in writing with the Agriculture and Food Authority, Fibre Crops Directorate, Riverside Lane, off Riverside Drive and of P.O. Box 66271-00800, Westlands, Nairobi, within fourteen (14) days from the  26th February, 2021(Date of notice.)


Unclaimed assets

The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority has received claims for unclaimed assets from persons claiming as administrators of the estates of deceased persons and agents of the original owners. If no objection has been lodged at the offices of the Authority within thirty (30)

days from 26th February, 2021 (Date of Publication of this notice), payment will be made to the persons who have made a claim.


Saham Assurance Company Kenya Limited (Saham) has applied to the Insurance Regulatory Authority  to approve the transfer by Saham to MUA Kenya with effect from the 31st December, 2019 (now past)(An amalgamation of Saham and MUA)


An insolvency petition has been filed against Blue Nile(East Africa) Limited.

Liquidators have been appointed against Williamson Power Limited.

A cash offer by Carbacid Investments plc and Aksaya Investments llp to acquire up to 100% of the issued ordinary shares of boc kenya plc rant has been placed. (Take-over offer)

Sarah Wangechi (Mrs.), Kiambaa Sub-County Cooperative Officer has been appointed liquidator for Numa Coffee Growers Cooperative Society Limited. The liquidation has been extended for 1 year.


The part development plan of the following sites have been completed:

  • PDP No: R19112012101–Existing Site for Litein Kipagenge Farmers Co-operative Society
  • RVP/30812020/01- Formalization of existing Loikas High Density Settlement.
  • RVP1308/2020/02 —Formalization of existing Lmtaro Settlement.
  • RVP/308/2020/04 —Formalization of existing Milimani Low Density Settlement
  • RVP130812020105—Formalization of existing Nkutoto Medium Density Settlement.
  • RVP/308/2020/06—Formalization of existing Lporos Low Density Settlement.
  • RVP/308/2020/07—Formalization of existing Shabaa Settlement.
  • RVP130812020/08—Formalization of existing AIC Hill Medium Density Settlement.
  • RVP/30812020/09—Formalization of existing Sunrise Medium Density Settlement.
  • RVP/308/2020110—Formalization of existing Loresho Medium Density Settlement.
  • RVP/30812020111 —Formalization of existing Commercial Plots Maralal CBD.


The Soul of Business Enterprises Limited, has proposed to start an Agro-forestry and Eco-Tourism project at Kimana.

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