Unlock our Country

  • 2 Apr 2021
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  • 〜 by Acha Ouma

Today on the 1st of April 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation at State House, Nairobi. In his address the President gave assurance to those who had taken their first dose (COVID-19 vaccine) and that they will not miss out on their second dose.

When asked why the government is yet to economically cushion Kenyans after the lockdown he announced last week, the President said that this lockdown is very different from the last lockdown. 

“The last lockdown we had to lock down the entire country. We have not locked down the economy, we have locked down specific areas that have been mentioned by our health experts as being the areas of super-spreaders. And as to when these measures will be removed and we can go back to normal, which is our prayer every single day, depends on how we are able to flatten this curve…”

The President added that the measures that have been imposed are not his measures but measures that have been brought by those who have the knowledge such as doctors, medical practitioners and scientists. The President seems to be hiding behind health experts and specialists. Kenyans are unhappy and residents within the locked down zone are struggling to meet their daily needs.

Kenyans are generally disappointed with the man at the top. There is a movement dubbed #UnlockOurCountry gaining traction among persons in the Education, Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Industries. 

Kenyans expected the President to initiate and announce mass vaccination within the locked down zone to accelerate re-opening of the 5 county Zone. 

Where do we go from here? It is not clear. What we know for sure is the lockdown national zonal or at county level is not a sustainable solution.