Kenya and Romania forge a new era of collaboration: A pivotal moment in bilateral collaboration unveiled

Kenya and Romania have embarked on a new chapter of collaboration, marking a significant milestone in their bilateral relations. The recent meeting between President William Ruto and Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has ignited a series of discussions and agreements aimed at fostering mutual growth and

Safeguarding children online: The crucial role of digital literacy education in schools

We live in an era where children can skillfully operate smartphones and tablets even before they can walk, proving that our children are growing up in a digital environment unlike any other. Indeed, with each passing year, technology’s impact on their life grows more powerful,

Safeguarding the digital sphere: The crucial role of content moderation for public interest and consumer protection

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, content moderation has emerged as a critical defence against harmful and inappropriate online content. As the internet becomes an integral part of our lives, the need to ensure a safe and informative online environment becomes paramount. The digital age

Zoom’s AI data controversy: The role of consumer rights and advocacy in safeguarding digital interactions

  In today’s digital era, the rapid advancement of technology has brought unparalleled convenience and connectivity to our lives. As video conferencing became a lifeline during the pandemic, Zoom emerged as a leading platform, enabling people to work, learn, and socialize remotely. However, recent developments

Digital trade and AI regulation dominate Africa Law Tech Festival, 2023

The Lawyers Hub, in partnership with Mozilla Corporation, Luminate and French Development Agency, has since 2020 successfully organised the largest law and tech annual conference in Africa, Africa Law Tech Festival.  The conference attracts more than 2,000 delegates from across the globe with a reach

Green Technology and Innovation: The key to a sustainable and resilient future

In recent years, the pressing need for sustainable solutions to combat climate change and reduce environmental impact has given rise to a surge in green technology and innovation. This dynamic field encompasses a wide range of technological advancements aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, enhancing resource

Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2023: An overview

The AI Index Report tracks, collects, distills, and visualizes artificial intelligence data. It aims to give unbiased, rigorously validated, widely sourced data to policymakers, researchers, CEOs, journalists, and the general public to enable them to build a more thorough and nuanced knowledge of the complicated

Taifa-1: Kenya’s leap into space exploration and utilization for food security and beyond

The successful deployment of the Taifa-1 satellite into orbit will signify Kenya’s most significant stride into the realms of space exploration and utilization. It will be a testament to Kenya’s growing capabilities in the space industry and its commitment to leveraging space-based technologies for the

Cyber security in Kenya: Lessons to learn from attack on state agency and insurance firm

“First, they came for the public sector, then for the private sector, then they came for government officials” So would run a poem about the recent happenings in the cybersecurity sector in Kenya. On March 1, 2023, Medusa, a ransomware organisation, targeted Kenya and hacked

Data leaks in AI and policies to minimise the risks

A data leak is when information is exposed to unauthorised people due to internal errors. This is often caused by poor data security and sanitisation, outdated systems, or a lack of employee training. Data leaks could lead to identity theft, data breaches, or ransomware installation.

Taxpayers’ burden of keeping Kenya Kwanza CASs in office

Kenya Taxpayers’ burden of keeping Kenya Kwanza CASs in office Kenyan taxpayers will spend more than half a billion shillings annually on salaries and benefits for the 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) whose names were forwarded to Parliament for approval on Thursday, putting more strain

Internet of Things in Kenya: Using GSM to provide business solutions

Telcos in Kenya have adopted Internet of Things (IoT) technology through a variety of projects. Airtel has launched the ‘Always On’ solution to allow devices anywhere to stay connected after launching their eSIM, which has proven particularly useful in the transport sector for tracking cars. 

Balancing information security and individual freedoms: the debate over information autocracy in the TikTok ban

The rise of TikTok, a popular video-sharing app, has been met with controversy over data security concerns and information autocracy risk. Several governments around the world, including the United States, the EU, Canada, and others, have imposed partial or total bans on TikTok due to

Era of the Metaverse: Potential adoption in Kenya, risks and opportunities

The Metaverse can best be described as an evolution of today’s internet and as something we are deeply immersed in, rather than something we primarily look at. It represents a convergence of digital technology to combine and extend the reach and use of cryptocurrency, artificial

Era of Deepfakes: Risks and the need for protective laws: An Explainer

Deepfakes refer to a form of Artificial Intelligence that is programmed to replace one person’s likeness with another in recorded video. The term “deepfake” comes from the technology called “deep learning,” which is a form of AI. Deep learning algorithms, which teach themselves how to

Starlink prepares ground to enter Kenyan market

SpaceX is aggressively growing Starlink internet satellite coverage throughout the globe. It provides a worldwide broadband network leveraging a low-earth orbit constellation to give high-speed broadband internet with the ability to enter remote and geographically isolated zones where internet access is difficult to achieve.  It

Cause of delay to broaden revenue base via minimum tax

Section 12D of the Income Tax Act was introduced via the Finance Act of 2020 which sought to impose a minimum tax of 1% on gross turnover. The tax rate was introduced to ensure that everyone, regardless of whether they make a profit or loss,

What you need to know about embedding Privacy by Design to protect personal data

Privacy by design is a framework for personal data protection that aims to embed privacy considerations into the design and development of systems, products, and services. The approach advocates for the integration of personal data protection measures into the entire lifecycle of a product or

Entrenching sustainability in Kenya’s fashion industry: Brands that have taken a leap

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change in fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion entails more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion. Sustainable fashion is

Snooping on tax evaders: Balancing between protection of personal data and KRA’s bid to monitor transactions

As the world marks Data Privacy Day on 28th January 2023, Kenya has been busy this week with a series of activities organized by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) to commemorate the day. The week-long events will culminate in a two-day Data

ChatGPT issues: Regulations, policies and implications on fintech companies

Generative Pre-trained Transformer or ChatGPT as it is commonly referred to, is a chatbot launched by OpenAI, a company that develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language tools,  in November 2022. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses advanced natural language processing to engage in

Uproar over Zuku services call for guidelines to streamline Internet Service Providers

Zuku, an internet service provider owned by Wananchi Group, has recently faced sharp public criticism. The company received widespread backlash online from its customers over poor internet services. Zuku customers experienced internet outage, downtime, and slow speeds for an extended period. To further worsen the

Digitisation of government services: The journey continues

The government’s aim to transition at least 90% of government services online seems closer than ever. 5,000 services are set to be digitised within the next six months. To this end, 300 services have been digitised.  Although it will be difficult to digitise 5,000 services

Cryptocurrency in Kenya

With the collapse of Futures Exchange (FTX), a global cryptocurrency exchange where big firms and individuals had invested a lot of money in, questions have arisen about the safety of investing in the currency. Over four million Kenyans are said to own cryptocurrencies, ranking Kenya

Forecast 2023: Tech innovations to expect in Kenya

Kenya ranks among the top digital and tech economies in Africa. This is as a result of its advancement in the development of large-scale ICT infrastructure, broadband connectivity, and other digital services. Often referred to as Africa’s Silicon Savannah, Kenya is the regional ICT hub

Taxing the digital economy: Indepth look at DST, loopholes and how to get it right

The global economy has gone digital. This has increased the issue of tax avoidance and tax equity and sparked an increase in digital taxes worldwide, therefore increasing the number of challenges to trade law. Kenya is one of the nations that have rolled out a

Kenya’s Digital Agenda: Journey towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Kenya will be marking its 59th Independence Day on Monday, December 12, 2022. This year’s Jamhuri Day Celebrations, dubbed “Innovation Jamhuri Day,” will focus on technology and innovation. A departure from prior years’ celebrations, this year’s Jamhuri is poised to look back at Kenya’s digital

Global Innovation Index – The Innovation and Startup Strategy- Poised for Doom or Fail?

On October 17, 2022, Mr Kabui Mwangi, an author wrote an article in the Business Daily titled, “Why six Kenyan promising tech start-ups fell in quick succession”. Of the companies he reviewed, it is apparent that start-ups don’t just fail, there could be a great

Flutterwave saga: What banks and fintechs can learn on building trust

The case of Flutterwave recently rocked the Kenyan fintech space. The Asset Recovery Agency levelled claims of fraud and money laundering against Flutterwave. In court documents, the Agency asserted that Flutterwave bank accounts received billions in a suspected scheme of money laundering and the same

 FinTech in Africa Part 2: Current gains and forecast evolution in new countries

According to a McKinsey report, the African financial market which includes both fintech and formal banking was valued at $150 billion as of 2020. The evolution of the market is projected to be centered on 11 important countries that provide a favorable environment for fintechs

Will ICT play an increasingly important role in Kenya’s election? 

The hearing of the presidential election petition this week have had the ICT systems used in the election process under the microscope and have proven that the systems are essential to achieving a credible electoral outcome.  Nevertheless, the risks and unforeseen challenges these technologies carry

At a glance – Issues before the Supreme Court for determination

Outcome 1 – Presidential election upheld If the Supreme Court issues a ruling that declares the presidential election as valid, the President-elect will be sworn in on the first Tuesday, 7 days from when the court issues its ruling –  September 13, 2022. Outcome 2

Fintech in Africa (Part 1): African tech boom is more than a buzz; future is bright

The financial industry has benefited greatly from the buzz surrounding the African tech boom, with reports of African fintech businesses raising money becoming commonplace in tech media. It accurately reflects how much venture capitalists and investors have attracted financing to the fintech sector.  Fintech has

It’s time to think of amending the law on presidential petition timelines

The Supreme Court has the original jurisdiction to hear and determine any petition challenging the election of a president.  Article 140 of the Constitution of Kenya provides that any person may file a petition with the Supreme Court within seven days following the declaration of

Central Bank Digital Currency discussion: The pros, cons and reading between the lines

Central Bank Digital Currency discussion: The pros, cons and reading between the lines The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) recently released a discussion paper on a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) intending to tease out a conversation around the possible introduction of a digital currency

What you need to know about unclaimed financial assets

Recent media revelations paint a shocking picture of vast amounts of unclaimed assets that lie idle despite Kenyans going through a tough economic season. According to the media reports, the amount of unclaimed assets currently stands at KSh 55 billion, with a paltry KSh 1

The Africa Business Forum: Innovative finance to harness technology

Introduction The Virtual Opening of The Africa Business forum was held on the margins of the 34th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly Of Heads Of State And Government on 8th February 2021 at 14.45 hrs to 16.00hrs East Africa Time. The Forum was

ICT Practitioner’s Bill: The “Birth of a Profession?”

Hon. Godfrey Otsotsi is back with the Information Communication Technology Practitioners Bill 2020 which has triggered murmurs across Kenya’s technology community. The bill seeks to establish a legal framework for the training, registration, licensing, practice and standards of Information Communication Technology (ICT) professionals in Kenya.

Is Huduma Number the future of KYC

On Wednesday,
during the
unveiling of the
Central Bank
branch in Kisii
County, the
President said
that the rollout of
Huduma Namba
will change
operations in the
banking industry.
He said that the
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make it easier
for banks to
capture details of
clients’ increasing
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dealing with them.

The Inclusive Africa Virtual Conference 2020.

inABLE hosted the first-ever virtual Inclusive Africa Conference on the 8th and 9th of October, 2020. The two-day conference brought together global and local experts from different sectors to showcase inclusive design, mobile accessibility, and digital accessibility in primary and high school education, higher education, financial services, social media, employment and more.

Digital Economy Strategy highlights

The Ministry of ICT (MoICT) has released the draft Digital Economy Strategy which focuses on six pillars

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) asks Foreign Electronic Certification Service Providers to register

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has published a public notice asking all foreign Electronic Certification Providers are required to apply for recognition within 30 days. This follows the enactment and operationalization of the Business Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 early this year. The Act, which

The ICT County Survey 2020

On Tuesday 25th August 2020, the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANET) launched the 2020 ICT County Survey Report at a specially convened session of the Senate ICT Committee. The report assesses uptake and adoption of ICT at County Level as well as challenges and highlights

Future of ICT business and infrastructure

Kenya is currently one of Africa’s fastest growing ICT markets where ICTs have increased productivity, accelerated processes, increased human resource digital skills and contributed to improved standards of living for Kenyans.

Update on the Kenya’s Data Commissioner interviews and appointment

Kenya’s Data Protection Act which came into effect on 25 November 2019, provides for the establishment the office of the Data Protection Commissioner to be headed by the Data Commissioner. The Public Service Commission had undertaken a shortlisting exercise and published names and interview schedules for the 10 shortlisted candidates on 7 July 2020. However, on the same morning, the Employment and Labour Relations Court, through an order issued by Judge Hellen Wasilwa and directed to the Commission to suspend the ongoing recruitment of the Data Commissioner pending the hearing and determination of a petition filed by lawyer Mr Adrian Kamotho.

Proposed Contract Law reforms

After decades of using the English law of contract, Kenya is at the verge of having its own elaborate Law of Contract Act. The existing Act is arguably the shortest Act with 4 sections. Previous attempts to amend it have not been so successful, most notably the recent proposed amendment in the Law of Contract (Amendment) Bill, 2019 sponsored by Hon. Waititu Francis Munyua. The Bill seeks to amend the Act so that in case of a default by the principal borrower, the creditor would first realise the assets of the principal borrower before proceeding to realise the assets of the guarantor. President Uhuru Kenyatta however, sent back the proposed amendment to Parliament with his reservations and the Bill collapsed.