Enhancing cybersecurity ahead of 2022 elections: Balancing act for new committee

The newly unveiled National Computer and Cybercrimes Coordination Committee (NC4) has been tasked with cracking down on misuse of social media especially as the country approaches the General Election in

When parties can’t make nomination rules

The electoral commission this week announced that it had rejected the rules to govern nominations submitted by 89 parties, amongst them the two backing the biggest candidates – Raila Odinga

The restless Ruto keeps going

Deputy President William Ruto is on a mission to visit every constituency in Kenya before the General Election.  He has, so far, held 133 meetings in 20 counties, which means

Budget gives hope to a referendum, and its attendant troubles

Budgeting for an election usually starts before the year in which the election is held, which would make an allocation in the Budget normal, but there is more this year.