Driving compliance in Kenya: Public and private sectors should collaborate to navigate low compliance levels.

Compliance is a critical imperative for both the public and private sectors, although the nuances of implementation vary significantly between them. The distinct approaches taken by both sectors are largely influenced by the inherent differences in organisational structures, objectives, and accountability mechanisms. The differences notwithstanding,

Sustainability is the heart of Enterprise Risk Management 

Environmental and societal risks have overtaken economic and geopolitical risks in terms of both likelihood and impact. Board members and the C-suite today need to have a clear and informed view of risks affecting the business environment. The business world is fraught with risks that

Communications Authority releases draft guidelines to protect and keep children safe online

Digital access is no doubt double edged. On one hand it exposes children to a wealth of benefits and opportunities, but on the other a host of risks, including access to harmful content, sexual exploitation and abuse, cyber bullying, and misuse of their private information.

Taxman’s eye on social media posts good for enhanced compliance

By Brian Kuira Recent media reports that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) would train its eyes on taxpayers who display luxurious lifestyles on social media but under-declare their income sparked a heated debate among Kenyans.  A section of Kenyans termed the move a misplaced priority.

Data Protection Day 2021: Kenya’s steps into compliance

Yesterday, the 28 of January 2021; was the 15th Data Protection Day and the 40th anniversary of Convention 108. Data Protection Day or Privacy day is a day to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It is usually held on the

Race to compliance: Beneficial ownership registration

The Beneficial
Owner is also
required to indicate
the source of
the beneficial
and whether
the information
obtained was (a)
provided by the
beneficial owner
or their authorised
(b) taken from an
official register;
or (c) provided by
a third party not
directly related
to the beneficial