Highlights of the Business Registration Services Draft Bill

The Business Registration Services has published several business laws amendments bills. They hope the amendments will address the necessary gaps and achieve a coherent legislative framework for these laws. The amendments bills are: The Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Bill,2021. The Insolvency (Amendment) Bill, 2020

Race to compliance: Beneficial ownership registration

The Beneficial
Owner is also
required to indicate
the source of
the beneficial
and whether
the information
obtained was (a)
provided by the
beneficial owner
or their authorised
(b) taken from an
official register;
or (c) provided by
a third party not
directly related
to the beneficial

Business Laws(Amendment) (No. 2), Bill, 2020

The Business Laws (Amendment) Bill (No.2), 2020 seeks to make various amendments to various statutes highlighted as follows:  Clause 2 of the Bill seeks to amend the Law of Contract Act, Cap 23 to eliminate the requirement of a company seal in execution of documents