9th October 2020 Parliamentary Round Up

  • 9 Oct 2020
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  • The Advisory of the Chief Justice on the matter of the dissolution of Parliament.
  • The list of Nominees to several NG-CDF committees

Second Reading

  • The Public Order (Amendment) Bill
  • The National Disaster Management Authority Bill
  • The Public Fundraising Appeals Bill

Committee of the Whole

  • The County Allocation of Revenue Bill
  • The Cancer Prevention and Control (Amendment) Bill



  • Message from the National Assembly on the passage by the National Assembly, of the Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill
  • Message from the National Assembly on the Passage by the National Assembly, of the County Allocation of Revenue Bill


  • The Kenya Law Reform Commission Annual Report for the FY 2019/2020
  • The IEBC annual report for FY 2019/2020
  • Report of the Standing Committee  on  Information  and  Technology  on  the consideration  of  the  National  Assembly  amendments to the County  Outdoor Advertising Control Bill
  • The County Governments Cash Disbursement Schedule for the Financial Year 2020/2021.


The Senate resolved to further alter its Calendar regular Sessions for the Fourth Session 2020  in  report  of  Part  Four and to  proceed  on  Recess starting on Friday, 9th October, 2020 until Monday, 2nd of November, 2020. They will resume their sittings on Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020 as set out under Part Five of the Senate Calendar and the regular Sessions for the Fourth Session, 2020 is altered.

The Senate adopts the Report of the Standing Committee on Health on its inquiry into the death of a patient at the M.P. Shah Hospital allegedly due to negligence, laid on the table of the Senate, on Thursday, 24thSeptember, 2020.

First Reading

The Startup Bill

Second Reading

  • The Sectional Properties Bill 
  • The Community Health Services Bill
  • The Equalization Fund Bill 

Committee of the Whole

  • The Sectional Properties Bill
  • Consideration of the National Assembly Amendments to The County Outdoor Advertising Control Bill