11th June 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

June 11, 2021 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By Acha Ouma

Legislative Supplements

The Competition Act—Exclusions


Financial Services

The Cabinet Secretary for Public Service and Gender has appointed persons to be members of the respective Constituency Uwezo Fund Committees, for a period of two (2) years, with effect from the 13th April, 2021.



The Court of Appeal’s August Recess is set to commence on Sunday, 1st August, 2021 and shall terminate on Wednesday, 15th September, 2021, both days inclusive. During the recess, the Registry of the Court will be open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon on all weekdays except public holidays for disposal of any urgent business. 

The August Recess of the High Court and Courts of Equal Status is set to commence on 1st August, 2021 and terminate on 15th September, 2021, both days inclusive. Recess Duty Judges shall be appointed to hear and try matters arising during recess.


Trade and Manufacturing Sector

The Commissioner of Customs and Border Control has appointed a transit Shed and has set respective limits.

Notice has been given of the revocation of some expired and non compliant mineral rights. This is according to the Mining Act as well as public notices appearing both in the Daily Nation and the Standard Newspapers on the 12th of February, 2021

The Competition Authority of Kenya has issued the Retail Code of Practice for use by all persons undertaking activities under The Competition Act.

China Communications Construction Company Limited has been dissolved and its name has been struck off the register of companies for not carrying out business.


Public Sector

Notice has been given that El Karama Limited intends to close all private roads and footpaths on the properties below from midnight on the 23rd June. 2021 until midnight the 24th June, 2021. 

  • L.R. No. 7496 
  • L.R. No. 2748 
  • L.R. No. 2749 
  • L.R. No.4638

During this period, all members of the public will be prohibited from using the said private roads.  


Completion Of Part Development Plan

The following part development plans have been developed:

PDP No. 134/KLF/1/2021—Existing Site for Kenya Revenue Authority, Kilifi 

  • VAT Road Transport Department 
  • Customs Office
  •  Staff Houses


ICT Sector

Certain business and assets-of Telkom Kenya Limited (Company Number C.3/2009) comprising of the Transferor’s infrastructure business carried on by the Transferor’s Digital Service Delivery Unit dealing primarily with the pmvision of connectivity, collocation, technology solutions, operations mcl maintenance services to public and private corporate bodies (the Infrastructure Business) will be transferred (subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions precedent) to: Telkom Digital Limited (Company Number PVT-GYUQ5LA2) which at completion shall be a wholly owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya Limited (Company Number C.3/2009)

The following applicants have, pursuant to the provisions of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, made applications to the Communications Authority of Kenya for grant of the licences as shown in the Table below:

Name Licence Category
Working Hours Limited, P.O. Box 73430-00200, Nairobi. National Operator Postal/Courier
Libera Impex Limited, P.O. Box 834-00518, Nairobi.  National Operator Postal/Courier
Masterpiece Courier Services Limited, P. O. Box 2619-00200, Nairobi. National Operator Postal/Courier
Babs Security Services Limited, P.O. Box 4380-00200, Nairobi. National Operator Postal/Courier
Ultimate North Limited, P.O. Box 2488-30100, Eldoret. National Operator Postal/Courier
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