January 8, 2021 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By The Vellum Team

1,075,673 Cumulative Tests

97,733 Confirmed Corona Cases

80,360 Recoveries

1,702 Deaths



December 2020 A season of Double Crisis

According to Research by TIFA conducted in the month of December 2020:

·       70% of Kenyans felt that their economic situation was worse than it was in December 2019 and as a result Kenyans faced a double crisis – the coronavirus pandemic and loss of livelihoods.

The Festive Season was a tough time for retail, transport and associated sectors

·       A majority (62%) of Kenyans spent less during the 2020 festive season than they spent during this period in 2019.

·       Only 16% of Kenyans travelled out the county they reside. It will be a challenging year for the retail and transport sector (that usually benefits from the Christmas shopping spree).

Covid-19: Significant Vaccine Hesitancy Levels In Kenya

·       11% do not intent to go for the COVID-19 vaccine.

·       Full COVID-19 vaccine acceptability level stands at 41% of Kenyans. These will take the vaccine without any objection.

·       There is a considerable number (47%) who would adopt a wait and see approach to monitor its side-effects before going for the jab.

These results show that one of the key obstacles in reaching the goal of population immunity is vaccine hesitancy- a delay in accepting a vaccine when available (47%) or rejecting it altogether (11%).

Covid-19: Vaccine Acceptability by Country of Origin

·       Several COVID-19 vaccines have been released in various countries. As of now, Kenyans differ as to their willingness to have these vaccines, with any from the UK and US Russia attracting considerably more acceptance/confidence from any of Chinese origin that might be made available.

Main Priority Post-COVID-19 Activities

·       The overwhelming majority of Kenyans (71%) are most looking forward to resuming regular employment and/or their usual business/ entrepreneurial activities.

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