Getting back to Business: Guidelines for business operations during COVID for alcoholic beverage sector

  • 27 Nov 2020
  • 2 Mins Read
  • 〜 by The Vellum Team

The Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development (MoITED) Situation Room has produced these guidelines to offer direction to players in the sector trading with alcoholic beverages on how to minimize the risk of infection with Corona Virus leading to COVID- 19 disease. These guidelines are meant to help businesses operate safely during COVID- 19 pandemic and reduce the rate of COVID- 19 spread across different workspaces.

  1. Sale of alcohol shall be governed by the Rules on COVID-19 issued under the Public Health Act Cap 242 and supplemented by the provisions of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010 and the respective County Governments Alcohol drinks control legislations.
  2. The Counter should be shielded with a Perspex glass to ensure the protection of the client and seller. No partakers shall be allowed to sit around the bar counter while consuming any alcoholic drink.
  3. All alcohol drink retailers shall provide a complete hand washing station (with running water, soap, and hygienic hand drying facility) and/or sanitizer at the entrance of the establishment for use by the customers.
  4. Alcoholic drink retailers shall ensure that all equipment used in handling and/or dispensing alcoholic drinks are disinfected using recommended disinfectants.
  5. Encourage cashless transactions such as mobile money transfers to reduce the handling of hard currency
  6. Clean common area surfaces regularly with soap or alcohol-based disinfectants
  7. Carry out appropriate disinfection of the premises at the close of business
  8. Provide appropriate signage guiding on the maximum seating capacity per table and observation of the 1.5-meter distancing rule.
  9. Display signage at the entrance of the alcohol selling establishment, indicating the maximum number of partakers allowed into the establishment at any given time
  10. Discourage any physical activity that facilitates physical contact between partakers in an alcohol selling establishment.
  11. Alcohol consumption shall be restricted to the designated areas within the establishment
  12. Outlets to maintain a daily attendance register for all members of staff
  13. Encourage employees to self-monitor for symptoms of Covid-19. Where the employees exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, the employer will encourage the employee to stay home, practice hygiene measures, and quarantine as prescribed by MOH
  14. Promptly facilitate the testing of staff to confirm any suspected case of COVID-19. Ensure that suspect or positive Covid-19 cases are handled humanely, without any form of stigmatization, and in conformity to the approved patient medical confidentiality procedures.
  15. Any Alcoholic drink retailers found in breach of COVID-19 Rules issued under Public Health Act Cap 242 shall take personal responsibility and consequent enforcement action.
  16. Appoint a point person to deal with employee, suppliers & customer Question & Answer daily or as required by the employees.