Finger on the Pulse

  • 20 Jan 2024
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  • 〜 by Jewel Tete

Monday, 15th January 2024

  • Kenya has inched closer to joining the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after the Cabinet approved the country’s subscription to the membership of the institution.


Tuesday, 16th January 2024

  • The IMF report during the World Economic Forum reveals that AI is set to hit 40% of jobs and worsen inequality.
  • WEF’s Global Risk Report reveals that the biggest risks the world faces in 2024 and beyond have to do with climate and conflict.


Wednesday, 17th January 2024

  • The Kenyan government intends to exit the oil import arrangement owing to the distortions it has created in the FX (forex) market, the accompanying increase in rollover risk of the private sector financing facilities supporting it, and remain committed to private market solutions in the energy market.
  • State House and KCC top entities with mystery staff.


Thursday, 18th January 2024

  • The IMF has approved a Sh110.6 billion loan to Kenya to lower the heat on the Eurobond payment. The new funds are part of the Sh 152 billion from the augmentation/expansion of resources under the fund’s multi-year arrangement with Kenya. 


Friday, 19th January 2024 

  • Kenyans are set for more tax pain as the government starts implementing International Monetary Fund-backed revenue measures that are expected to yield an additional Sh806 billion over the next three years.