Establishment of the Taskforce on Development of the Data Protection (General) Regulations

January 15, 2021 - Reading Time: 2 minutes - By The Vellum Team

The Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications, Technology, Innovation and Youth Affairs, has constituted a Taskforce to be known as the Taskforce on the Development of the Data Protection, General Regulations. The Task force constitutes of the following:

Role Name
ChairpersonImmaculate Kassait
  MembersHumphrey Njogu (Dr.)
Daniel Obam (Eng.)
Christopher Maina
Duncan Nyale
Marion Muriithi
Miriam Kakenya
Thuranira Gatuyu
Damaris Mukala
Rose Musero
Victor Nzomo
Augustus Munywoki
Joint SecretariesRahab Juma
Brenda Gabantu

The Terms of Reference of the Task Force are to –

  1. undertake a comprehensive audit of the Data Protection Act, 2019;
  2. identify any gaps or inconsistencies in the Data Protection Act, 2019 and the Data Protection Policy and propose specific review requirements;
  3. propose any new policy, legal and institutional framework that may be required to implement the Data Protection Act, 2019;
  4. develop the Data Protection (General) Regulations;
  5. sensitize stakeholders and the public on the Data Protection (General) Regulations;
  6. undertake stakeholder and public consultation on the Data Protection, General, Regulations; and
  7. undertake any other activities required for the effective discharge of its mandate.

Powers of the Task Force:

  1. regulate its own procedure;
  2. hold meetings, public forums or consultations as it shall deem necessary;
  3. review official reports, policy, legislation or any other document related to the Taskforce mandate;
  4. hold consultative meetings with sector stakeholders and members of the public;
  5. carry out or cause to be carried out such studies or researches as may be necessary to assist the Taskforce discharge its mandate;
  6. co-opt experts, in particular areas of need, as may be necessary for the execution of its mandate.

The term of the Taskforce shall be a period of six (6) months with effect from 15th January, 2021. The Cabinet Secretary may however extend the term if necessary. The Taskforce is expected to prepare and submit to the Cabinet Secretary—

  1. a work plan and progress reports;
  2. a draft of the Data Protection (General) Regulations;
  3. a final report on the recommended reviews or amendments to the Data Protection Act, 2019 and other existing legislations; and
  4. implementation matrix on actionable points.

The Secretariat of the Taskforce shall be based at the Ministry of Information, Communications, Technology, Innovation and Youth Affairs Headquarters, 10th Floor, Telposta Towers, Nairobi. 

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