18th September 2020 County Round Up

  • 18 Sep 2020
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NAROKThe County Assembly altered its calendar (regular sessions)
BARINGOThe Speaker of Baringo County Assembly has pronounced Monday, 21st September, 2020 as a day for a special sitting at the County Assembly precincts at Kabarnet, at 2:30 p.m
NYAMIRAThe County Assembly has appointed members of the audit committee members, for a period of 3 years, effective from 1st December, 2019.
BUNGOMAThe County Government of Bungoma is adopting the Valuation for Rating Act and the Rating Act, as applicable legislation for purposes of the imposition of rates on land and buildings in Bungoma County; and to empower the County Government to value land for the purpose of rates collection.
VIHIGAThe County Executive Committee Member, Department of Trade, Industry, Tourism and Entrepreneurship has appointed members of the Vihiga County Trade and Enterprise Fund Board.
HOMABAYHomabay County has published in the Kenya Gazette Assembly Powers and Privileges Committee Procedures for Administration of Part IV of the Act
NYERINyeri Water and Sanitation Company Limited (NYEWASCO) has applied to the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) for a regular tariff review in the interest of consumer protection.