28th August 2020 County Round Up

  • 28 Aug 2020
  • 2 Mins Read
  • 〜 by The Vellum Team


MURANGAThe Governor has appointed members of the management committee of Wachuuzi Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited.

The Governor has appointed members of Murang’a County Government Audit Committee

The Governor has appointed members of Murang’a County Government Audit Committee
MIGORIThe Governor has appointed Josiah Arende Ngoje to be a member of the Rongo Municipal Board
KIRINYAGAThe Governor has appointed the members of the Kerugoya/ Kutus Municipal Board.
KIAMBUThe Governor has appointed the Chief Officers for various portfolios.

The Public  Finance Management (Kiambu County Asset Leasing Fund) Regulations, 2020, has  been published and can be accessed on the County Government website: www.kiambu.go.keor  at the County Government Offices in Kiambu Town
BUNGOMAThe Governor has appointed Chief Officers for the respective departments.

The Governor has appointed members  of  the  recruitment  panel  for the  selection  of nominee for appointment as County Attorney of the County Government of Bungoma.
KAKAMEGAA special  sitting of  the  County  Assembly  shall  be  held  at  the  County  Assembly Buildings,  Kakamega,  on  Tuesday,  1st  September,  2020  at  10.30  a.m for  purposes  of  considering  nominees  for  appointment  as  County Executive Committee members

The County Assembly approved the calendar of the Assembly (Regular Sessions) for 2020
NAIROBIThe  Chairperson  of  the  Nairobi  City  County Assembly  Service  Board,  wishes  to  notify  Members  of  the  Nairobi City County Assembly and the general public that Catherine Okoth has been  appointed  to  the  Nairobi City  County  Assembly  Service  Board representing  the  Orange  Democratic  Movement  (ODM),  with  effect from   Wednesday,   26th   August,   2020,   having   subscribed   to   the prescribed  oath  of  office. 

Following  the election of Benson Mutura as the Speaker of the Nairobi City County Assembly,  on  14th  August,  2020,  the  Honourable  Member  assumed the  office  of  the  Chairperson  of  the  Nairobi  City  County  Assembly Service Board, with effect from Monday, 24th August, 2020.  
WAJIRThe Wajir  County  Public  Service Board has published in the Kenya Gazette its administrative Procedures:
LAIKIPIAThe Rumuruti Municipality Board has published in the Kenya Gazette its Board meeting and resolutions which includes immediate repossession of all land that was illegally or irregularly  acquired.
VIHIGAThe County Executive Committee Member, Department of Sports, Vihiga County, appoint the  following  persons to be Chairperson  and  members of the Vihiga County Sports Management Committee