Corporations in Kenya join govt in the ambitious plan to plant 15 billion trees.

  • 16 Feb 2024
  • 2 Mins Read
  • 〜 by Abigael Ndanu

Responding to the urgent global call for environmental protection and sustainability, Kenya has made a bold move to plant an unprecedented 15 billion trees. Aimed at mitigating climate change, increasing biodiversity and enhancing environmental resilience, this ambitious effort reaffirms the nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship alignment to accentuate green growth.


While this ambitious project is a major government initiative, the concerted efforts of Kenyan companies are poised to play a key role in accelerating and amplifying the impact of this reforestation agenda.


To support the agenda, KCB has a Linda Miti tree-growing programme, where it’s partnering with over 12,684 schools across Kenya, aiming to promote tree growth initiatives. The initiative seeks to plant and grow 1.8 million trees over the next five years, having launched the campaign in 2022 in partnership with public schools that bank with KCB.


KCB is investing Sh12 million annually in this project, amounting to a total savings of Sh60 million over five years. The bank is using its network of over 207 branches spread across the country to connect with schools to ensure maximum participation in tree-planting efforts.

In addition to school partnerships, KCB is working closely with communities, including women’s groups, youth organisations and people with disabilities to procure tree seeds. 


KCB’s involvement in public schools goes beyond tree planting; it includes a comprehensive training programme to inculcate environmental values in students, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations. Notably, KCB aims to plant 320,000 saplings this year, building on the success of planting 314,000 saplings last year and 10,781 saplings in the first two months of the Linda Miti programme in 2022. 


To further strengthen its sustainability commitment, KCB is working closely with the Kenya Forest Service and the Kenya Forest Research Institute to procure saplings from nearby sources. In addition to the Kenya Forest Resources Assessment, which focuses on tree cover development and challenges in different districts, the KCB Linda Miti programme stands out as a major contribution to reforestation efforts.


KCB’s Linda Miti programme exemplifies the Bank’s commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement and sustainable development. The joint capacity of partnerships in prioritising long-term impact not only helps support reforestation goals but shapes a strong and sustainable future for Kenya.


Looking at the bigger picture, institutions like Safaricom, Kakuzi, and Kenya Development Corporation are leading the charge with reforestation initiatives in Kenya, among others.