Before the United States Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP), there was the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a multilateral agreement with African countries enacted in 2000. Initially meant to last 10 years, the agreement is headed into its third renewal next year. However,

The Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) is an annual policy document written by the National Treasury to guide government borrowing and debt management. The 2024 document prepared in January 2024 has figures up to June 2023, while the Second Quarterly Economic and Budget Review (QEBR)

Kenya opposition leader to bid for AU Chairmanship Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has embarked on a quest to become the Chairman of the African Union, leveraging his extensive past experience as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa. Odinga held this prestigious

Kenya Gulf fuel products import scheme lifts Kenya banks dollar holdings The government-to-government deals on the importation of fuel products have increased the dollar reserves of banks, fuelled by a requirement that they accumulate hard currency to support payments under the scheme. Kenya entered the

Kenya Cabinet approves privatisation of 7 State-owned enterprises Kenya’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved the sale of seven more State-owned enterprises following a meeting chaired by President William Ruto at State House in Nairobi, bringing the total number of entities set to be privatised to 17.

President Ruto’s visit to Japan earlier this week led to the signing of agreements worth Kshs 350 billion. A giant share of the money will go towards key projects and programmes crucial for Kenya’s economic revival. Notably, the Dongo Kundu Infrastructure Ecosystem and the Mombasa

A macro-fiscal analytic snapshot has been given in a joint report by IPF Kenya and Oxford Policy Management. It reveals a resilient growth trajectory amidst adversities. We delve into the key messages outlined in the report, exploring the nuanced impact on poverty, inflation, debt, fiscal

A meeting held on Monday between President William Ruto and Chief Justice Martha Koome sparked widespread controversy in the country. Parliament Speaker Moses Wetangula and Senate Speaker Amazon Kingi also attended, ensuring representation from all three arms of government. Subsequent revelations disclosed that the primary

KENYA Kenya in tight spot as EAC, European trade deals clash Kenya’s recently completed trade deals have run into stormy waters after Nairobi applied higher import duties on whiskies and wines from the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU), respectively, two jurisdictions with which

KENYA IMF criticises Ruto government for continuing fuel subsidies The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has hit out at Kenya over the reintroduction of the fuel subsidy scheme on the grounds that lack of funds to pay oil marketers will lead to distortion of the budget.

Legislative Supplements The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2023 The Export Processing Zones Act—Declaration of Export Processing Zone The Competition Act—Exclusions The Technical and Vocational Training (Kiambu National Polytechnic) Order, 2024, etc The Universities Act—Appointments The President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander

Parliament adjourned its sittings on Thursday, 7th December 2023, for the long December recess. Both Houses will resume on Tuesday, 13th February 2024.

The Kenya Kwanza Government, on 9th January 2024, launched a week-long Government Performance and Delivery Roadshow, spearheaded by Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria. This initiative aims to assess the government’s accomplishments in the year since it assumed office. The roadshow

So, in case you are unaware, we are currently in solar cycle 25, which commenced in December 2019. But there is nothing too predictable about a solar cycle, which on average lasts 11 years. The sun’s magnetic field propels a solar cycle. The sun, like

According to trade statistics from 2021, Uganda is a major destination for Kenyan exports, making it a crucial trading partner. As a landlocked country, Uganda heavily relies on Kenya and Tanzania to access goods that arrive via sea. It, therefore, came as a surprise that

Kenya  IMF rescues Kenya from $2bn Eurobond scare The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has moved to rescue Kenya from plunging into a financial crisis after the global lender confirmed that it was mobilising funds to help the country repay its $2 billion Eurobond maturing in

Kenya Haiti mission: Ruto on the verge of getting MPs’ approval Kenya’s President William Ruto is on the verge of getting parliamentary approval to deploy 1,000 Kenyan police officers to the war-torn Caribbean nation of Haiti. This comes after the National Assembly Committee on Administration

The Senate Tuesday, 7th November, 2023 Hearing – Proposed Removal From Office, by Impeachment, of Hon. Kawira Mwangaza, the Governor of Meru County   Wednesday, 8th November, 2023 Hearing – Proposed Removal From Office, by Impeachment, of Hon. Kawira Mwangaza, the Governor of Meru County.

The news this week in the banking and fintech world has been the acquisition of Choice Microfinance Bank by Chinese Investor Robin Duah Wei. Wei’s acquisition is interesting because he not only owns a digital advertising company but also mobile digital lenders in Kenya and

The world of fintech is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, characterised by innovation, agility, and the pursuit of financial inclusion. Fintech companies are known for their ability to move at breakneck speeds, introducing groundbreaking solutions to the market. However, this swiftness often places them

In ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens, the author spins a gripping narrative of an English couple who have to be rescued from the guillotine during the violent turmoil of the French Revolution.  The book starts with a trial that is dismissed on

Hundreds of families evicted from Mau Forest Hundreds of families were evicted from the Mau Forest. The eviction was ordered by President Ruto in early October, as he proclaimed the government’s resolve to protect the country’s water towers.   EACC moves to court to recover

Kenya Ruto government to probe Uhuru’s claim Kenya loses Sh2bn daily to corruption The government intends to commission a study to confirm the allegations by former President Uhuru Kenyatta that Kenya loses Kshs. 2 billion daily through corruption. This was confirmed by the Head of

Minority Report is a film about a police officer working in a department that can detect crimes before they occur, utilising Precogs—mutant beings plugged into machines that possess the ability to predict the future. For many years, humans have been intrigued by the possibility of

One of the oft-touted challenges of AI is context. Another is bias. AI applications cannot simply be copied and pasted into different contexts say from Western nations to Asian ones as the AI models need training for situational awareness. Nowhere is this challenge of AI more

Kericho The Governor of Kericho County, appoints — Rosemary Chepkirui Rop to be the County Executive Committee Member responsible for matters relating to Climate Change in Kericho County, for a period of two (2) years, with effect from 27th March, 2023. The Governor, Kericho County,

National Assembly Bills, 2023 The Public Participation Bill, 2023  The Legal Aid (Amendment) Bill, 2023  The Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2023  The Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2023  The Whistleblower Protection Bill, 2023   Legislative Supplements, 2023 Extradition (Contiguous and Foreign Countries) (People’s Republic of China) Order,

The National Assembly Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 2.30 P.M. Bills First Reading The Tribunals Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 45 of 2023) (The Leader of The Majority Party) The Preservation of Public Security (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 48 of 2023) (The Leader

Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid rate across the globe, discovering various innovative applications. Already, ChatGPT has found many uses that make work easier due to its capabilities.  That is why a meeting at the US Senate comprising AI advocates and leaders of big

If you have watched the Netflix film ‘Glass Onion’ starring Danielle Craig as the indomitable sleuth Benoit Blanc from its prequel ‘Knives Out’, you might find yourself pondering the use of hydrogen gas as the fuel of the future. In the film, hydrogen is portrayed

The budget-making process is an ongoing exercise characterised by strict timelines mandated by the Constitution and the Public Finance Management Act, 2012. The National Treasury on August 18, 2023, launched the  preparation of the FY 2024/25 and the medium term budget through the formation of 

Businessman Jaswant Rai, Chairman of the Rai Group, withdrew his bid for Mumias Sugar after President William Ruto got directly involved in the issue and asked him and another investor bidding to gain control of the company to pack up and leave. The President spoke

Kenya President Ruto plans compulsory 2.75pc NHIF deductions President William Ruto’s plan to make it mandatory for every household in Kenya to contribute 2.75 percent of its income to fund a new social healthcare fund will see the government take at least 20 percent of

On Monday, this week, a three-day meeting for heads of state of the 40-member nations of BRICs kicked off in South Africa. This is the 15th such annual summit to be held, but this time it centred on the topic of Africa in relation to

County Description Kilifi The Governor, Kilifi County, re-assigns responsibilities of the County Executive Committee Members in the first column of the Schedule, to be responsible for the matters respectively specified in the second column of the Schedule with effect from the 4th August, 2023. Trans

The Judiciary  The Judicial Service Act (No. 1 of 2011)  The National Council on The Administration of Justice (NCAJ) Committee on Review of Laws on Sexual Offences and Gender-Based Violence in Kenya   The Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya and the Chairperson of

Tuesday  Senate Legislation  Committee of the Whole  The Natural Resources (Benefit Sharing) Bill (Senate Bills No. 6 of 2022) (Sen. Danson Mungatana, MP) The Cotton Industry Development Bill (Senate Bills No. 5 of 2023) (Sen. Beth Syengo, MP) The Employment (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills No.

In order to understand Kenya’s debt, it is important to know who Kenya is borrowing from. The source of a country’s debt can be external or internal. Internal debt is usually from the central bank, commercial banks or non financial institutions. This debt is usually

Significant Political Events The ‘Maandamano’ demonstrations called by the opposition entered their third day today with relative calm in most parts of the country and the capital city, Nairobi, but for a few hotspots. Azimio coalition leader Raila Odinga has, however, been unwell and absent

Kenya US guarded on Kenya trade deal past Agoa expiry The US is non-committal about when negotiations for a free trade deal with Kenya will be concluded despite Nairobi earlier saying the talks would be finalised by December. The United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai,

Kenya Treasury suffers new setback in taxes implementation plan The Treasury suffered another setback in its quest to implement the contentious Finance Act after the Court of Appeal declined to lift an order suspending the law. The bench of three judges said it will rule

The edible oil manufacturing sub-sector of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, last week (3 July) released a statement urging government support for its continued growth. Through a new initiative dubbed ‘the Agriculture for Industry (A4I) Initiative’ the sector called for a collaboration with national and

County  Description  Bomet The Governor, Bomet County, has  nominated a number of people to constitute the County Environment Committee, for a period of three (3) years Tharaka Nithi The Governor of Tharaka Nithi County appoints   Julius Mutinda Mulinge – Member, Naftly Muthomi Njeru – Member,

Appointments  The Warehouse Receipt System The President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces, has appointed Felicity Nkirote Biriri to be the Chairperson of the Warehouse Receipt System Council, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 30th

Tuesday, 27th June 2023 The National Assembly  Legislation  Bills at First Reading  The Parliamentary Powers and Privileges (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bill No. 5 of 2022)   Committee Stage The Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 16 of 2023) The County Governments Additional

As negotiations for a bilateral trade agreement between Kenya and the US under their Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP) continue, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has released summaries of texts proposed on the areas covered by the agreement.  One of these, the Services

In a significant development this week, Aliko Dangote, a prominent Nigerian businessman, inaugurated Africa’s largest petroleum refinery. With a daily processing capacity of 65,000 barrels of petroleum, this privately owned refinery is set to revolutionise Nigeria’s fuel industry. The country, despite being an oil producer,

In the past decade, the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) has been involved in one scandal after another. Every other year, Kemsa is embroiled in what are mostly procurement-related scandals. It, therefore, came as no surprise when on Monday, May 16th 2023, Health Cabinet Secretary

The recent proposal to increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed on petroleum from a rate of 8% to 16%, is bound to impact fuel prices and is poised to reverberate across various sectors of the economy. The VAT rate of 8% on petroleum products

Parliamentary Round-Up   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Senate Motions Adoption of The Report of The Select Committee On Delegated Legislation on its Consideration of The Statutory Instruments (Exemption From Expiry) Regulations, 2022 The Doping Menace Threatening Kenya’s Impeccable Global Reputation in Athletics Adoption of The Report

Kwale  The National Land Commission on behalf of the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation gives notice that the National Government intends to delete, correct and add the listed parcels of land required for the construction of the Mwache Multipurpose Dam Project. The National Land

Legislative Supplements The Public Order (Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo, West Pokot, Samburu and Laikipia Counties) Curfew Extension Order, No. 4 of 2023. The Public Order Declaration of Disturbed and Dangerous Areas (Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo, West Pokot, Samburu and Laikipia Counties) Extension Order, No. 4

Tuesday, 11th April 2023 At 2.30 p.m. The National Assembly Motions         Approval of Nominees to Samburu and Kandara National Government Constituency Development Fund Committees;         Ratification of the African Union Treaty for The Establishment of The African Medicines

“First, they came for the public sector, then for the private sector, then they came for government officials” So would run a poem about the recent happenings in the cybersecurity sector in Kenya. On March 1, 2023, Medusa, a ransomware organisation, targeted Kenya and hacked

The Budget and Appropriations Committee is a standing committee at the National Assembly tasked with among other functions investigating and reporting on all matters related to the coordination, control, and monitoring of the national budget and evaluation of tax estimates, and economic and budgetary policies.

Telcos in Kenya have adopted Internet of Things (IoT) technology through a variety of projects. Airtel has launched the ‘Always On’ solution to allow devices anywhere to stay connected after launching their eSIM, which has proven particularly useful in the transport sector for tracking cars. 

County Developments Murang’a The Governor of Murang’a County has appointed members to the Gatanga Water and Sanitation Company Board, for a period of three (3) years. Makueni Governor of Makueni County, Mutula Kilonzo Junior, has appointed members of the Makueni County Environment Committee. Migori Governor

Legislative Supplements  The Statutory Instruments (Amendment) Bill, 2023 The Wildlife Conservation and Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023  Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2023   Schedule of Electricity Tariffs  The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has issued a schedule of tariffs 2018 for electricity tariffs, charges, prices and rates.

The cost of living in Kenya has escalated in the past few years due to a combination of factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, changing weather patterns, drought and increase in the price of fertiliser and other agricultural inputs. Annual inflation in Kenya went above

China Square is a retail supermarket at Unicity Mall off Thika Superhighway and is owned by Kenyatta University. The mall was conceived as a project to bring in funds to the university but since its opening in 2016 has not attracted a lot of footprint

The Kenya Revenue Authority on Thursday, 23rd February 2023 communicated the new management team after the resignation of Githii Mburu. In addition to his departure, other Commissioners were replaced. These include; Lilian Nyawanda (Commissioner, of Customs and Border Control), Terra Saidimu (Commissioner, Intelligence & Strategic

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently sounded the alarm on the continued and aggressive marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes but where does Kenya lie on this issue? Kenya issued draft Breast Milk Substitutes (Regulations and Control) (General) Regulations in 2021 for public review. The draft

Recently, the National Assembly called for memoranda on the Supplementary budget 2022/2023 tabled before the House for approval. This budget was much awaited as President Ruto has promised to cut down government expenditure by KShs. 300 billion and work towards fiscal consolidation. Ideally, supplementary budgets

The Communications Authority of Kenya in January sent out a call for public consultation for emerging technologies regulatory sandbox. A regulatory sandbox can be considered as a regulatory space where a regulator allows anyone within the delimited space and time to test out business models,

The Hustler Fund, which was launched late last year and has been in operation for over two months now, has so far disbursed Kshs. 15.9 billion in loans with about half of that money (Kshs. 7.7 billion) being repaid. 18.4 million Kenyans are subscribed to

After a recent court ruling on Cytonn’s two funds, the CEO, Mr. Edwin Dande, has had occasion to shed light on what happened with the two portfolios that are to be liquidated and the challenges attending to this process.  Cytonn High Yield Solutions (CHYS) and

President William Samoei Ruto has set the tone for a new style of working that has caught his Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) and Permanent Secretaries (PSs) off guard. The laissez faire mode of operation common to many government officials who pay lip service during events and

A high court ruling in Kenya this week has ordered the liquidation of two funds owned by Cytonn Real Estate – Cytonn High Yields Solution (CHYS) and the Cytonn Real Estate Project Notes (CPN) – to recover Kshs 14 billion owed to 4,000 investors. Some

What will the New Year usher in, in emerging markets and in Kenya? From an economic perspective, the following is expected in emerging markets:   GDP Growth  Global economic experts appear to be in agreement that there will be an economic growth slowdown but it

The Hustler Fund (also known as the Financial Inclusion Fund) was launched this week. This is a flagship project of the Kenya Kwanza government established to disburse low interest rate credit to ‘hustlers’ through digital means. The term ‘hustlers’ refers to those in the informal

When Jurgen Habermas, a German philosopher, wrote about the public sphere, he conceived of it as a space where people can share opinions and thoughts freely in support of the democratic process. The state is, however, not part of the public sphere which has the

The Financial Inclusion Fund popularly known as the ‘Hustler Fund’ is a flagship project of the Kenya Kwanza Government which will be launched on November 30 to offer cheap loans to ‘Hustlers’. It will be disbursed technologically through an app so that the youth can

Kenya Airways (KQ) woes came to head this week with its pilots going on strike and bringing to a halt the operations of one of the largest airlines on the continent. It was not just passengers getting stranded, but the horticultural sector also reported losses

Our common heritage is under threat and with the approach of the IFCC Conference of Parties 27 (COP27) which takes place next week at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Climate Finance will be on the table for discussion. Climate change is well-nigh upon us. It

The fate of the US-Kenya Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP) signed by the two countries in August this year is shrouded in a cloud. When regimes change, priorities also change. Under President Trump, Kenya started negotiating a bilateral Free Trade Agreement that would survive

There is Global Compact for private sector companies to report on their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and achievements on Sustainable Development Goals. Then there is Global Digital Compact, an idea whose time has come.  An offshoot from ‘The Common Agenda,’ a 2021 report by the