• 3 Jul 2020
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Legislative Supplements, 2020

The Kenya Fishing Industries Corporation (Amendment) Order, 2020

The Tax Procedures (Tax Agents) Regulations, 2020

The  Tax  Procedures  (Unassembled Motorcyles) Regulations, 2020

National Assembly Bills, 2020

The Supplementary Appropriation (No. 2) Bill, 2020



  • The Chief Justice has appointed George Mbagu Kinuthia and Alfred Mdeizi as members of the Auctioneers Board.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government has appointed pardon officers of the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Public Service and Gender has appointed members of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund Committees for various counties.


The National Gender and Equality Commission has established the National Gender and Equality Commission Procedures for Administration of Part IV of the Act.


Communications Authority License Applicants

The Communications Authority of Kenya has gazetted the applicants for grant of various licences.

NameLicence Category
Ukweli Sounds and Video Limited  (Ukweli Tv Kenya) Commercial Free to Air TV
Wilift Transport Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator
Amitrack Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator
Thamani Concierge LimitedNational Postal/Courier Operator 
Vazguard Protection Services (VPS) Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator
Chauffers Services Kenya Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator
Cool Express Limited.National Postal/Courier Operator
Beauty Parlour Kenya Limited National Postal/Courier Operator
Operator Stage Shuttle LimitedNational Postal/Courier Operator
Jujaline Investment Company LimitedNational Postal/Courier Operator
Mobile One to One Limited.Network Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFPT-3) 
Mashariki Limited.Network Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFPT-3) 
Brand—Fi Technologies LimitedNetwork Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFPT-3) 
Viasat Kenya Limited.Satellite Landing Rights Authorization (SLRA)
Shikilia Enterprises Limited.National Operator 
Cross Road Investment Co—operative Society LimitedNational Operator 
Munawar Parcel Services LimitedNational Operator 
Turkrift Shuttle & Parcels Limited.National Operator
Best Africa Security Experts Limited.National Operator
Trinity Transporters and Logistics Limited.National Operator 
Com Twenty One Limited.Network Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFP-T3) 
License Eco—Partners LimitedNetwork Facilities Provider Tier 3 (NFP-T3) 



  • The Registrar of Companies has gazetted a list of companies that have been struck off the Companies register.
  • The Registrar of Companies has gazetted a list of companies that will be struck off the register in 90 days.
  • IHRC Kenya Limited will have the final general meeting of its members in Nairobi on Tuesday, 28th July, 2020, at 4.00 p.m. The Agenda for the meeting is having an account laid before the meeting, showing the manner in which the winding-up has been conducted and giving any explanations thereof.
  • The creditors of Dac Aviation (E.A) Limited, intend to institute liquidation proceedings against the company for sums owed to them.

Completion Of Part Development Plans

  • PDP Ref. Nos. KBK/30/2020/03 and KBK130/2020104: Existing Sites for Lower Shabaab Residential Developments and Commercial Development, respectively, within Eldama Ravine Town, Baringo County
  • PDP Ref. No. KBKI3012020/01: Existing Site for Residential Development Within Eldama Ravine Town

Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report

Proposed Block Of Flats On L.R. No. 209/2389/12, off Agoi Road, Pangani Area, Starehe Sub-county In Nairobi City County

  • Edwin Gicho Kinyanjui is proposing to construct a sixteen floors block of flats with two basement parking.
  •  Aberdare Book Marchants Limited is proposing to construct a block of flats at L.R. No. 209/2389/11, off Agoi Road Pangani area in Starehe Sub-County, Nairobi County. The proposed development will comprise of 195 No. two bedroom units and two level basement parking.