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Legislative Supplements, 2020

The Value Added Tax (Amendment of the Rate of Tax) Order, 2020

The Public Order (State Curfew) Order, 2020

The Public Health (Declaration of Formidable Epidemic Disease) Order, 2020

The Copyright Act—Joint Collection Tariffs

The Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations, 2020

The Capital Markets (Commodity Markets) Regulations, 2020

The Civil Aviation (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2020

The Public Order (State Curfew) Variation Order, 2020

The Retirement Benefits Act (Exemption from Compliance) Order, 2020

National Assembly Bills, 2020

The Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service Bill, 2020

The Land Registration (Amendment) Bill, 2020

The Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020



Special Sittings of the National Assembly

There shall be a special sitting of the Assembly in the National Assembly Chamber in the Main Parliament Buildings, Nairobi, on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020, starting at 10.00 a.m., for purposes of—

(a)   conveyance of a Message relating to the nomination of a person for appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board;

(b) conveyance of any other Messages from the Senate and/or the National Executive;

(c) laying of the Public Finance Management (COVID-19 Emergency Fund Response) Regulations, 2020;

(d) laying of Supplementary Estimates for the Financial Year 2019/20 and related documents;

(e) laying of any other Paper(s) relating to the measures taken or proposed to be taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic and related emergency in the country;

(f) transaction of the following business—

(i) Notice of Motion and consideration of approval of appointment of persons to the Teachers Service Commission;

(ii) consideration, in all stages, of the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020 containing part of the legislative measures to address the taxation regime, occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country;

(iii) consideration of the Public Finance Management (COVID-19 Emergency Fund Response) Regulations 2020;

(iv) consideration of any other legislative measures to cushion the country from the effects of COVID-19; and,

(v) consideration of persons nominated for appointment to various Constituency Committees of the National Government Constituency Development Fund Board.


  • The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works has appointed David Mwangi Gaitho (QS) to be a member of the Board of the National Construction Authority
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning has appointed members of various Land Control Boards.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning has appointed members of the Tax Appeals Tribunal.
  • The Attorney-General has appointed Hannah Maingi (Ms.) to be a member of the Victim Protection Board.


Regulatory Impact Statement on the Proposed Public Finance Management (National Toll Fund) Regulations, 2020

The National Treasury and Planning has prepared a regulatory impact statement for the draft Public Finance Management (National Toll Fund) Regulations, 2020. The policy objective sought to be achieved by the National Toll Fund Regulations, 2020, is to promote sustainable funding and administrative mechanisms for the implementation of toll road projects in Kenya under the public private partnerships framework.

Change of Name: Barclays

Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited has by resolution of the Board and the approval of the Registrar of Companies, effected a change of name from Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited to Absa Bank Kenya PLC.



The Registrar of Companies has gazette a list of companies that have been dissolved and struck off the Companies Register.

The Registrar of Companies has gazette a list of companies that will be dissolved and struck off the Companies Register in 3 months’ time.

Proposed Grant of Licences

The Agriculture and Food Authority proposes to grant licences for a number of applicants.

Invitation of Public Comments

The proposed Small Scale Dredging and Dumping in Mwache And Mreza Bridge-Tsunza Viaduct-Mteza Bridge, Kwale County

Fujita Corporation, Kenya Branch, is proposing to undertake small-scale dredging and dumping in Mwache BridgeTsunza Viaduct-Mteza Bridge, Kwale County.

The proposed Small Scale Copper Mining In Approximately 6 Acres Of Land In Ndwila Village, Kwa Vonza/Yatta Location, Kitui County

Shan Zhang Company Limited, is proposing to carry out small scale copper mining in approximately 6 acres of land in Ndwila Village, Kwa Vonza/Yatta Location, Kitui County.

The Proposed Industrial Gases Plant On Plot L.R. No. Machakos/Nguluni/4867, Along Kangundo Road, Nguluni Area, Machakos County

Perfect Purity Gases Company Limited, is proposing to set up an industrial gases plant for; (oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene food grade carbon dioxide and argon), two workshops, office block, power house and other associated facilities and amenities located on a plot L.R. No. Machakos/Nguluni/4867, Kangundo Road in Nguluni Area within Machakos County.


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    Who is Who

  • New appointment at Safaricom board

    Mr. Adil Khawaja (MBS) has been appointed the Chairman of the Board of Safaricom PLC, having been appointed director at the same entity earlier. Mr. Khawaja currently serves as the Managing Partner at Dentons Hamilton Harrison & Mathews, and is a leading name in the

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  • Meet Samir Ibrahim a new board member at KAR

    Mr Ibrahim is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Sunculture Kenya Limited, a climate, solar, agriculture, food systems and security, water, financing and Internet of Things firm. He is also an advisor to Ezra Venture Studio, a team and network of company builders and

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  • Michael Kamau Kamiru is a new board member at KRA

    Mr Kamiru is currently the Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance, at Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Limited. He is a Finance Management and Risk Management professional with over 27 years of demonstrated leadership and management experience in the Kenyan insurance industry. Mr Kamiru also has

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