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This is part of the Vellum Weekly. The full 21st February 2020 edition can be found here Vellum 21 February 2020

Legislative Supplements

• The Supreme Court Rules 2020
• The Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (Staff Mortgage Scheme) Amendment Regulations 2020

Public Sector

• Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury has appointed 7 Council members of the Supplies Practitioners Management Institute
• Cabinet Secretary for Industry and Trade has appointed Susan Karima as a member of the Kenya Invest Authority and 6 members of the Micros and Small Enterprises Tribunal
• Cabinet Secretary for Land and Physical Planning has appointed some members of land control boards for Igembe Central and Igembe South in Meru County, Embu South in Embu County

Trade And Manufacturing Sectors

• East African Community has published a list of appointed custom areas
• National Treasury has published the Statement on actual revenues and net exchequer issues as at 31stJanuary 2020

Amended schedule of tariffs by Energy Regulator

• The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has Published reviewed Kenya Pipeline multiyear transport tarrifs for the control period 2019/20- 2021/22
• The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has Published reviewed tarrifs for supply of electrical energy by KPLC.


• Director of the Assets Recovery Agency has published various preservatory orders for assets recovered in proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering
• The Registrar of companies has published list of 50 dissolved companies and the intended dissolution of 80 companies
Competition Authority Updates

Energy Dealers Association

The Energy Dealers Association have made an application to enter into a ten year exclusive mutual cylinder exchange agreement namely “Energy Dealers Association Cylinder Reciprocal and Hospitality Agreement of 2019” . In this agreement members shall be able to refill cylinders belonging to members of the association as well as common marketing and common market expansion.

Digital Lending Market Inquiry/ Sector Study

The Competition Authority intends to carry out a sector study into the regulated and unregulated digital credit markets in Kenya under financial support from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA). Financial Sector Deepening (FSD-Kenya) and IPA will also extend technical support to this study. The main objective of the study is to identify and address potential consumer protection concerns in the regulated and unregulated digital credit markets.
There has been heightened discourse on the need to have a unified regulatory framework for the digital lending financial services segment.

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