17th February 2023 Parliamentary Round Up

February 17, 2023 - 5 Minutes Read - By Mercy Kamau

On Tuesday, 14th February



  • Appointment of members to the House Business Committee.



  •  Approval of Senators to serve in the Senate Business Committee.


On Wednesday, 15th February


  1.     Limitation of debate on Bills sponsored by parties or Committees.
  2.     Limitation of debate on individual members’ bills.


  1.     General debate on the proposal to Parliament to consider amending the Constitution and the Standing Orders.


  1.     Limitation of debate on sessional papers.
  2.     Limitation of debate on reports of constitutional commissions and independent offices.
  3.     Limitation of debate on the annual estimates and Committee of supply.
  4.     Limitation of debate on consideration of Senate amendments to bills originating in the National Assembly.
  5.     Consideration of business received during the recess period.
  6.     The National Transport and Safety Authority (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 43 of 2022).
  7.     The Cancer Prevention and Control (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 45 of 2022) (The First Reading).
  8.     Approval of the calendar of the House for the Second Session (2023) (The First Reading).



  •     Limitation of debate on Motions.
  •    Limitation of debate on Adjournment Motions.
  •   Limitation of debate on Motions on the Address by the President 


  •  The Agricultural and Livestock Extension Services Bill (Senate Bills No. 12 of 2022).
  • General debate on the proposal to amend
  •    The Constitution and the Standing Orders
  •  The Mung Beans Bill (Senate Bills no. 13 of 2022)
  •  The Start-Up Bill (Senate Bills no. 14 of 2022)
  • The County Vocational Education And Training Bill (Senate Bills no. 3 of 2022)
  •  The Parliamentary Powers And Privileges (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills no. 5 of 2022)

Thursday 16th February


  • The Public Service (values and principles) (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill no. 46 of 2022).
  • The Geriatric Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 50 of 2022).


  • General debate on the proposal to Parliament to consider amending the Constitution and the standing orders.
  1. Report of the 42nd session of the organisation of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific states and the European Union joint Parliamentary Assembly.


  • The Tea (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills No. 1 of 2023). 
  • The Konza Technopolis Bill (Senate Bills No. 2 of 2023).
  • The Prompt Payment Bill (Senate Bills No. 8 of 2022). 
  • The County Licensing (Uniform Procedure) Bill (Senate bills no. 9 of 2022). 
  • The Office of the County Printer Bill (Senate Bills No. 10 of 2022). 
  • The Employment (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bills No. 11 of 2022). 
  • The County Vocational Education and Training Bill (Senate Bills No. 3 of 2022).
  •  Approval of the Senate calendar for the second session of the Thirteenth Parliament.
  • Approval of Senator David Wafula Wakoli to serve in the Committee of Powers and Privileges.
  • Approval of changes in the membership of Standing Committees.
  • Approval of Senator William Kisang’ Kipkemoi to serve in the Select Committee of County Public Investments & Special Funds. 


  • Provision of free sanitary towels to end period poverty.
  • Institution of measures to curb incessant high electricity costs in Keny
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