15th October 2021: Kenya Gazette Review

October 15, 2021 - Reading Time: 3 minutes - By Amrit Labhuram

National Assembly Bills 2021

The Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Legislative Supplements, 2021

The Public Order (State Curfew) Order, No. 7 of 2021

Senate Bills, 2021

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2021


The Selection Panel for Selection of Nominees for Appointment as Chairperson of the Public Service Commission invites applications from suitably qualified persons for consideration for nomination for the position of the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission.


The Judicial Service Commission has appointed Mutubwa Wilfred Akhonya, Gad Kiragu, Theresa Chepkemei to be  members of the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal.


Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report Call for Comments

  • KIRDI, Research, Technology and Innovation Techno Centre, proposes to put up a Nanotechnology laboratory in Basement four (4) of its center, consisting of the installation and operation of an incinerator, a-boiler, a wastewater treatment plant, an underground oil storage and an LPG Bulk storage in the KIRDI Research, Technology and Innovation Center in South B, OFF Dunga Road in Nairobi County
  • Jambo Cruise Adventures Limited, proposes to develop a Floating Restaurant which will provide recreational and catering facilities for both local and international tourists on Mtwapa Creek in Kilifi County.
  • Tullow Kenya B.V. is proposing to develop six oilfields; Agete, Awning, Ekaies, Etom, Namara and Twiga that will have multiple well pads for oil. The well pads will be connected to a central processing facility adjacent to the Nganria oilfield, via a network of buried flowlines. This area will also include waste management facilities, an engineered landfill and workers accommodation basecamps. The production water will be sourced from Turkwel Dam via a pipeline that is at design level for separate approval. Other associated project infrastructure will include access roads and overhead electrical transmission lines between the oilfields.
  • Lamu Water and Sewerage Company, proposes to construct and rehabilitate facilities of Mokowe Sewage Waste Treatment Decentralised Plant whose activities will include the construction of septic tanks, rehabilitation of existing lagoons, space for trucks to siphon waste to septic tanks, parking bay for track and associated amenities and facilities in Mokowe Town, Lamu County.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has published in the Kenya Gazette electricity tariffs for all meter readings to be taken in October, 2021.

  •  fuel energy cost charge of plus 397 Kenya cents per kWh 
  •  a foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment of Plus 103.92 Cents per kWh
  • a Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) Levy of plus 1 57 cents per kWh


  • The Official Receiver was appointed as interim liquidator of the said Green Square Limited (In Liquidation) with effect from the 27th August, 2021, pursuant to an order of the court.
  • A petition for the winding up of Clarkson and Southern Limited Company No. (C.4388) by the High Court was on the 30th September, 2013, presented  by Associated Warehousing Limited, of P.O. Box 99139, Mombasa, and that the said main petition is set to be heard before the High Court sitting at Mombasa on the 9th November, 2021.
  • Kereto Marima has been appointed the administrator of Cytonn High Yield Solutions LLP (“The Partnership” or “CHYS” OR “LLP”) Registration No. LLP/2014/106, Cytonn Real Estates Project Notes LLP and all creditors to send in particulars of debt or claims.
  • Vruti Shantilal Shah c/o Stamford Corporate Services LLP, has been appointed as an Administrator of Cape Holdings Limited (Under Administration) effective the 12th October, 2021.
  • The National Treasury and Planning has published in the Kenya Gazette the Statement of Actual Revenues and Net Exchequer issues as at 30th September, 2021.
  • The Board of Directors of the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority have  publishes an extract of the FY 2019/20 Audited results for the Unclaimed Financial Assets Trust Fund.

The Communications Authority of Kenya has gazetted  a list of applicants for grant of the licences

Name /Station Identity Licence Category
Kukumbukwa na Mungu Media Network Limited / Kunamu TV   Commercial Free to Air Radio Licence
Mevans General Supplies Limited / Xavier Television Network Commercial Free to Air Television


The Daesak Media Services Limited / Daesak TV Commercial Free to Air Television


Iamlola Limited / Empire FM Commercial Free to Air Radio Licence
Everest Production Corporation Kenya Limited / Ebru Somali


Air Radio Licence
Bishop Mark Kariuki Foundation / Majestic City FM Community Free to Air Radio Licence
Mailbros Limited / County FM Transfer of licence from Mailbros FM Limited for a Commercial Free to Air Radio
Wa-Tom Courier Services Limited  National Postal/Courier Licence Operator 
Seaman Courier Limited  National Postal/Courier Licence Operator 
Getit Logistics Limited National Postal/Courier Licence Operator 


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