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 Acts, 2020

The Business Laws (Amendment) Act, 2020 has been assented to and came into force on its date of assent. It seeks to facilitate the ease of doing business in Kenya by amending various statutes including Registration of Documents Act, Land Registration Act, Excise Duty Act among others



The Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning has appointed Ibrae Doko to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited.

The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government has re-appointed Peterson Mwai to be a member of the Board of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The Cabinet Secretary for Energy has appointed an Inter-Agency Committee on Independent Power Producers’ (IPPs) Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

The Advocates Complaints Commission has gazette its 117th Quarterly Report

The Engineers Board of Kenya has gazette the list of all Registered Engineers and Engineering Consulting firms.

Completion of Part Development Plans

Existing Site for Kenya Wildlife Service in Isiolo

  • PDP No. W16/2020/01-Existing Site for Commercial Plots in Kakamega Municipality
  • PDP No. 134 .KLF.24 .96-Existing Commercial cum Residential Plot, KIM.
  • PDP No. 209.KLF1112019-Proposed Site for Commercial Development, Viragoni.
  • PDP No. 55 .KLE .20I8.02-Proposed Site for Residential Development, Malindi.
  • PDP No. 2111KLF1112018-Existing Site for Residential Developments, Gede.
  • PDP No. 134.KLF1112020-Existing Site for Open Spaces, Kilifi.
  • PDP No. 134 .KLF1212020-Proposed Sites for Kilifi County Housing Estates, Kilifi.

 Intention to Plan

Project: Cadastral (title) Survey for Chuka Central Business District (CBD) and Preparation of an Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan for Chuka Sub-County.


E.P.R.A Schedule of Tariffs 2018 for Electricity Tariffs, Charges, Prices and Rates

  • A fuel energy cost charge of +250 Kenya cents per kWh
  • A foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment of +23.56 Kenyan cents per kWh
  • A Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) levy of +2.16 Kenya cents per kWh for all meter readings to be taken in April, 2020.
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