Innovative legal tech trends shaping 2024 for lawyers

In transforming the legal sector, legal technology is automating processes and enhancing the provision of legal services by streamlining legal operations, increasing the department’s visibility, and adding value to the organisation. Briefly, the areas to be on the lookout for include Artificial intelligence and machine

Employment contracts: In-depth analysis of fixed-term agreements

A fixed-term contract is a contract of service for a specified period of time. The underlying understanding between the parties of fixed-term employment contracts is that once the fixed period has ended, the contract is automatically terminated without any further liability on the employer’s part

A win for children and families in Kenya

The Employment (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was signed into law on 30th March 2021. The new Act – Employment (Amendment) Act, 2021 came into force on 15th April 2021. The Act goes a long way in supporting the adoption of children in Kenya. The Act amends