Supreme Court’s Ruling on Sonko breathes new life to Chapter Six of the Constitution

The Supreme Court dealt a final blow to Mike Sonko’s stab at the Mombasa gubernatorial race when it dismissed his appeal concerning his impeachment from the office of the Governor of Nairobi City County. In the shortened version of its decision, the Supreme Court noted

BBI speaks from Purgatory

Kenyans were this week reminded of the Building Bridges Initiative in two ways.  The first was the publication of a Bill to amend the Constitution being pushed by Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua. One of the main, and controversial, features of the Bill is the provision

Which way forward Mr. President?

The country has been awash with analyses and sentiments over the advisory delivered by Chief Justice David Maraga on 21st September, 2020 with regards to the proposed dissolution of the Kenyan Parliament. The advisory to the President is anchored on Article 261 of the Constitution which provides for dissolution of Parliament in the event of its failure to pass the legislation required to implement the new Constitution.
Under Article 27(9) “the State shall take legislative and other measures to implement the principle that not more than two-thirds of the members of the elective or appointive bodies shall be of the same gender”. Thus the Constitution imposes this duty on the State as opposed to Parliament.

Next, a fight at the Supreme Court

David Maraga, the Chief Justice, will be going on terminal leave in December and will only be
going back to work for a day early 2021 before he heads for retirement. In his opinion, he
cannot be replaced while on terminal leave because the office will not have fallen vacant.