Mr. Amos Wako, was the longest serving Attorney-General (AG) serving in the position from 1991 to 2010. As AG, Mr Wako sat on various boards of global legal bodies and was one of the first African legal representatives to vouch for the International Criminal Court at its formation in 1997. The global organizations include the Asian African Legal Consultative Organization and the Committee on Fast Tracking East African Political Federation. He chaired the national constitutional conferences consisting of Members of Parliament, religious leaders and representatives of the civil society. He was also a Member of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. Mr. Wako also took part in the drafting of the proposed new Constitution of Kenya based on the Constitution of Kenya Bill as drafted by the National Constitutional Conference and as amended by Parliament. That Draft Constitution was known as "the Wako Draft" but it failed at the Kenyan constitutional referendum, 2005. He has also served as a Member of Parliament for Busia. Mr. Wako was also a member of several professional organizations including: Secretary General of the African Bar Association, the first Secretary General of the Inter-African Union of Lawyers and as Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya. He also served as a member of the Faculty Board of Law at the University of Nairobi, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Before joining the public service in 1991, Mr Wako was a Partner in Kaplan & Stratton Advocates. Mr. Wako resigned in 2011 as the Attorney General to vie for the Busia senatorial seat in 2013 on an ODM party ticket. In the 2017, general elections he was re-elected to the same seat on an ODM party ticket. Mr. Wako holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of London, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University College of Dar es Salaam, and a Masters of Laws from the University of London. He is also a certified arbitrator.