Jimi Wanjigi’s foray into front-end politics enters snail’s pace

Jimi Wanjigi has since mid-2021 been vocal about his bid to become a presidential candidate, but the last week has made that ambitious idea fade into the background. The decision

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Extrajudicial killings put a spotlight on the government

While The Standard had published a story about it before, the visit by activists Boniface Mwangi and Hussein Khalid to the banks of River Yala have once again thrown the

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Itumbi seeks to make a meal of his travails

Journalists have been wary about exploring the story of the abduction, torture and hospitalization of Dennis Itumbi, who now works as a digital strategist for Deputy President William Ruto. Keen

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To fight hate speech, aggression might not be the way

The potential to create conflict and its harmful effects was evident this week when Meru Senator Mithika Linturi used a metaphor that was previously used to mark subjects for elimination

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As he starts the last stretch, Ruto deploys a familiar playbook

Every day over the past two weeks, the Deputy President’s schedule is sent out by his communication team. His weekly schedule is released at the start of every week to

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In Parliament, a distraction for Raila and Ruto

Plans by the Jubilee Party to hold a National Delegates Convention late November died with a whimper and without an explanation.  It was reported that the plans collapsed after a

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As Odinga considers his choices, Mudavadi presents a familiar dilemma

Orange Democratic Movement head Raila Odinga is scheduled to make a major announcement on December 10, but observers expect no surprises as he has pointed in the direction already.  Barring

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UDA protest to CJ is louder than it sounds

Chief Justice Martha Koome has been handed yet another test in the form of a protest letter over her membership in a committee connected with the elections. The protest is

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Why all eyes are on Jubilee Party’s Delegates Congress

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party is set to hold its National Delegates Congress on November 30, a significant meeting for the party whose future has been in doubt since the

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Martha Koome casts her lot with the President

Chief Justice Martha Koome has appealed against a ruling by the High Court that the President can be sidestepped in the process of appointing judges, effectively casting her lot with

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When parties can’t make nomination rules

The electoral commission this week announced that it had rejected the rules to govern nominations submitted by 89 parties, amongst them the two backing the biggest candidates – Raila Odinga

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BBI speaks from Purgatory

Kenyans were this week reminded of the Building Bridges Initiative in two ways.  The first was the publication of a Bill to amend the Constitution being pushed by Kitui Senator

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The restless Ruto keeps going

Deputy President William Ruto is on a mission to visit every constituency in Kenya before the General Election.  He has, so far, held 133 meetings in 20 counties, which means

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Dr Mutunga tests the Executive again

Going by his latest statements, Dr Willy Mutunga’s stint at the Judiciary was a five-year break from activism, for he is right back where he started, with more fire and

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Judiciary wields the only tools it has

The relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary is seen in some quarters to have soured starting September 2017 when the Supreme Court annulled the re-election of President Kenyatta. That

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On his final lap, President Kenyatta is juggling many balls

From now onwards, every public holiday whose celebrations he presides over will be labelled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last, and as the end of his term draws closer, the expectations grow

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Elections 2022, Another round of proposals to amend Electoral laws

The electoral commission this week gave the National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs a wish list of laws it wants changed to make it easier to manage the General Election

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One more push for Raila

Compared to how they handled Raila Odinga, there was a different tone in the conversation when the Mt Kenya Foundation met the One Kenya Alliance earlier this week.  Where the

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Odinga climbs the Mountain but the hard work remains

Raila Odinga, the head of the Orange Democratic Movement, this week made his biggest moves yet to harness the votes he anticipates will be the reward of his rapprochement with

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A year to the elections, a time to shape up

A sit-down with the President always offers interesting insights and is no doubt a good deal for the media, as it is bound to produce headlines as the country is

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After the BBI debacle, the new Opposition are happy

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga surprised many, their allies especially, when they reached a truce and marked it with The Handshake on the steps of Harambee House on March

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When hot mics pick narratives

The press conference by Moses Kuria, Martha Karua and Mwangi Kiunjuri on Thursday was advertised as a significant moment for development in Kenya’s politics ahead of the General Election. At

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UDA, Uganda, and Ruto’s dilemma

When they emerged from their Parliamentary Group meeting, MPs supporting Deputy President William Ruto came out with a bold statement.  They declared: “The governing Jubilee Party has collapsed. The opposition

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With Nasa dead, the President’s silence worries hopefuls

Going by the short Kenyan tradition as far as parties go, the National Super Alliance was never meant to last. Still, its imminent dissolution has been dramatized and televised, with

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As action on corruption resumes, a test of the commitment

Two incidents on Thursday and another one on Friday morning have swung the spotlight back on corruption.  The Thursday ones involved Justices Aggrey Muchelule and Said Juma Chitembwe, whose officers

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A major boost for Ruto, but major questions for IEBC

In the cycle of Kenyan politics, every new party needs a confidence-booster ahead of its first major General Election. William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance got theirs with a narrow win

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Tricky attempts to revive NASA, without a Candidate

President Uhuru Kenyatta is reported to have made an attempt this week at uniting the heads of the now-dead National Super Alliance, the coalition Raila Odinga used to make his

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The Appeal done, BBI enters a race against time

The public phase of the appeal against the High Court decision that sought to end the Building Bridges Initiative has ended. There were two days in which the proponents of

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DP Ruto prepares his party

The latest salvo from Deputy President William Ruto will add to the sentiment that the Jubilee Party is in its last days.  In an interview on KTN News, Mr Ruto

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Splits and realignments and more political noise

Politicians from the east of Mt Kenya were last week angered by the suggestion from their counterparts from the west of the mountain that there could yet be a candidate

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Budget gives hope to a referendum, and its attendant troubles

Budgeting for an election usually starts before the year in which the election is held, which would make an allocation in the Budget normal, but there is more this year. 

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With tough choices made and explained, the President maintains focus

In the week he fired a broadside at the Judiciary, President Uhuru Kenyatta also dared the same arm of Government to what will be a long debate by appointing a

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Controversial UHC plan gets going

At the National Prayer Breakfast held at Parliament on Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked MPs to fast track and approve the Bill for the implementation of Universal Health Coverage.  The

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After the disastrous judgement, BBI could be out of time

A week after five judges delivered a scathing verdict of the Building Bridges Initiative, President Uhuru Kenyatta is yet to make a statement on the matter.  There has been plenty

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After Parliament, the BBI debate goes to Wanjiku

The Building Bridges Initiative gained more momentum this week with the approval from the Senate of its Bill to amend the Constitution. Proponents of the initiative have been counting their

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After a testing week, Ruto and Raila have a lot to ponder

There were two politically significant events touching on Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, two prominent candidates for the presidency next year.  First, Mr Odinga had

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BBI faces fresh political and legal headwinds

The desire by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga to introduce constitutional amendments under the Building Bridges Initiative has run into new headwinds of a political and legal

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Emerging issues threaten BBI in a real way

Emerging issues threaten BBI in a real way  After a deadlock on whether they can amend the Bill to amend the Constitution, Parliament’s two committees scrutinizing the bid reported a

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In an interview, the Deputy President shows his hand, a little

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday night admitted that his boss has abandoned him and suggested that he had done nothing to stop the individuals and civil servants who frustrate

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On vaccination, the Sputnik V saga demonstrates much

On vaccination, the Sputnik V saga demonstrates much On Friday, the Daily Nation reported that Dinlas Pharma EPZ Ltd, the importers of the Sputnik V vaccine, is seeking authorization to

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Unlock our Country

Today on the 1st of April 2021, President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation at State House, Nairobi. In his address the President gave assurance to those who had taken their

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Sonko evades trial. A bad signal in corruption fight

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was on Friday discharged from Nairobi Hospital and allowed to continue the rest of his recovery at home. His lawyer, John Khaminwa, was keen to

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With a third wave on, politicians will need to restrain themselves

It has been an interesting week one year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli rumoured to have been hospitalized in Nairobi and former

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Violent by-elections a harbinger of a nasty contest in 2022

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i declared on Friday that politicians involved in the skirmishes that accompanied by-elections in Nakuru and parts of the Western region would lose their firearm

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Tricky times ahead of the Covid vaccine

A story earlier in the week stating that private companies will be allowed to import and administer Covid-19 vaccines caused concerns online about the Government’s plans. Coming as revelations rolled

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After the BBI whitewash, decision time for the DP

Deputy President William Ruto has had plenty of opportunities this week to think about his next moves after County Assemblies across the country approved the Bill to amend the Constitution

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For President Kenyatta, it’s all eyes on the final lap

President Uhuru Kenyatta is setting the stage for the final leg of his two terms in charge, the latest signs being a mini-reshuffle of the Executive and the apparent adoption

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Political quake at the core of Jubilee

The heat in the Jubilee Party has been building up and this week, the beginnings of the end of the vehicle President Uhuru Kenyatta used to win two elections could

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A barrage of charges for Sonko, an uncertain future

The State’s determination to put away former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was evident in the manner he was escorted to the new court next to Kamiti Prison for the latest

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After Sagana, gains for the BBI

One of the main beneficiaries
of the meeting was the Building
Bridges Initiative, which is
currently being considered by
the county assemblies.

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Season of realignments, bad business

Ahead of his meeting with a section of elected representatives from his Mt Kenya region, MPs from the Tangatanga faction of the Jubilee Party wrote a letter of defiance and

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Unexplained decisions at the IEBC but BBI team remains confident

Anyone who has
been captured
as a supporter
without their
consent can
report to the
Commission by
writing to the
Acting Commission
indicating their

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On the 41 judges, it’s an argument without end

In an interview with Citizen TV after his retirement as Chief Justice, David Maraga retraced the history of the dispute over the nomination of 41 judges that President Uhuru Kenyatta

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In Nairobi, speedy moves have brought some calm

After a long-forgotten case challenging her nomination was speedily ended, Anne Kananu Mwenda was quickly vetted and sworn in as Nairobi’s Deputy Governor on Friday afternoon.  She is now in

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BBI: Mwananchi speaks

TIFA Research has conducted a survey on Sentiments in the nation regarding BBI. The TIFA survey was designed and the data collected several weeks before the writing/release of the “letter”

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Silver linings in the wake of Sonko’s exit

Anyone who knows anything about Mike Sonko would know it is naïve not to expect that he would have a record of any interaction with him. The latest proof has

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After Sonko, tough decisions have to be made

The defeat of the ODM candidate in Msambweni earlier in the week was seen by some as a triumph of the people against the system.  A few days later, as

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Intrigue at the Judiciary kicks off

As Chief Justice David Maraga prepared to go on his terminal leave, activist Okiya Omtatah filed a case to stop Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu taking over.  Mwilu has seven

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Beyond Ruto’s issues, BBI needs more verve

Deputy President William Ruto thrives in contests. He was in the winning team that rejected the draft Constitution in 2005, used the No movement to build his influence and political

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Sonko finally gets the Boot

When the motion for his impeachment was delivered this week, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s supporters said that the 86 Members of the County Assembly who backed it were simply on

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Two weeks later, one brother remains on course, two wondering

As President Uhuru Kenyatta gathered proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative to launch the collection of signatures, his deputy took to his new favourite medium of communication, Twitter. “Even with

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With postponements, BBI buys the president time

Mr Ruto and his
supporters appear
to have succeeded
in confusing the
pro-BBI team: they
have continuously
poked holes in
the report and its
and Mr Ruto

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How President-elect Biden will shape U.S. relations with Kenya and Africa

Relations will be defined by advancing the course of democracy, peace and security, economic growth, trade and investment, and supporting sustainable development. At exactly two minutes to 11 a.m. on

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Kenya appoints her first Data Commissioner

As the Data Commissioner, she will be responsible for the enforcement of the Data Protection Act

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