Digital Literacy

Forecast 2023: Tech innovations to expect in Kenya

Kenya ranks among the top digital and tech economies in Africa. This is as a result of its advancement in the development of large-scale ICT infrastructure, broadband connectivity, and other digital services. Often referred to as Africa’s Silicon Savannah, Kenya is the regional ICT hub

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Kenya’s Digital Agenda: Journey towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Kenya will be marking its 59th Independence Day on Monday, December 12, 2022. This year’s Jamhuri Day Celebrations, dubbed “Innovation Jamhuri Day,” will focus on technology and innovation. A departure from prior years’ celebrations, this year’s Jamhuri is poised to look back at Kenya’s digital

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A shot in the arm for digital literacy after Huawei joins ITU

Digital literacy has been the new normal with a bunch of companies and enterprises opening avenues to ensure that their clients and users of their products and services, explore and gain more information about their products and services with ease. This has seen some companies

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