Data Protection

Kenya’s National Cybersecurity Strategy: Securing Kenya’s cyberspace

Kenya developed its first cybersecurity strategy in 2014. Significantly, the 2014 strategy culminated in the development of the 2022 National Cybersecurity Strategy. The latter gives guidance for a coordinated approach in the execution of cybersecurity operations in Kenya. The strategy combines good governance with a

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Special feature:EY Kenya Data Protection & Privacy Survey, 2022: The path to compliance with data protection and privacy

EY Kenya Data Protection & Privacy Survey, 2022, was launched mid this year with a goal to firstly gauge how far along organisations are in their compliance journeys. Secondly, to identify the difficulties that companies are having in their pursuit of compliance. Thirdly, identify the

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The future of Digital Credit Providers under new regulations to protect consumers

Kenya has been a home for many digital lending apps, which are popular for their unsecured and instant loans disbursed through mobile phones. Unlike banks and Saccos where one is required to have a guarantor, these digital credit providers (DCPs) do not make it a

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