To enjoy success, every organisation must ensure that its employees understand, own, and support its sustainability agenda. Companies must, therefore, engage their employees and carry them along the journey as ambassadors and champions of the sustainability agenda. As Doug Conant – former President and CEO

This Saturday, 3rd December 2022, we’ll be celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities – a day observed to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with disability. The day also provides the avenue to evaluate our progress in terms of empowering PWDs and

Several parts of Kenya have been suffering from recurrent bouts of insecurity and conflict between neighbouring communities and peoples. For example, Northern Kenya has a long history of conflict and marginalisation with communities fighting over the few existing natural resources such as grazing fields. The

Does climate change affect everyone equally? Most definitely, no. The severity of the effects of climate change depend on factors such as geographical location, gender, social class, governance styles, disabilities, etc. Think about it for a minute, flooding as a result of climate change would

At their most basic level, sustainability and safety are really about the same thing: conserving resources. In fact, they are intertwined with safety being an enabler towards building a sustainable business. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies are necessary for the achievement of several Sustainable