Agression against ODM’s 9 lawmakers speaks doom for the party

If the petition by Migori Senator Eddy Oketch goes through, the Orange Democratic Movement will start the process of expelling nine of its members who visited State House without authorisation. Removing someone from a party is hard, especially if that person is an elected representative.

Finger on the Pulse

On Monday 30th President William Ruto said that every Kenyan is expected to pay taxes, amid a standoff with the Opposition. Korogocho MCA Absalom Odhiambo was arrested in Nairobi over his remarks during a rally last week that were deemed inciteful. On 2nd February Jubilee

Electoral reform agenda gets back on the table

Opposition boss Raila Odinga this week began piling the pressure on President William Ruto that he hopes will culminate in a discussion at the negotiating table. His plan, according to a media report, is to rally his supporters into mass action and civil disobedience. Mr

Finger on the Pulse: Post-Election Snapshot

Significant political events of the week: On Tuesday, September 13, President-elect William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua were sworn in at Kasarani stadium. This was after the Supreme Court verdict that upheld his election as the President following the petition challenging the August 9

At an inflection point, Raila must make a decision

Former Prime Minister and Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga is at a crossroads in his political career. He has to choose between leading the Opposition from outside Parliament or walking away from politics and into some form of retirement. This week, he appeared to swing

Will ICT play an increasingly important role in Kenya’s election? 

The hearing of the presidential election petition this week have had the ICT systems used in the election process under the microscope and have proven that the systems are essential to achieving a credible electoral outcome.  Nevertheless, the risks and unforeseen challenges these technologies carry

At a glance – Issues before the Supreme Court for determination

Outcome 1 – Presidential election upheld If the Supreme Court issues a ruling that declares the presidential election as valid, the President-elect will be sworn in on the first Tuesday, 7 days from when the court issues its ruling –  September 13, 2022. Outcome 2

At the Supreme Court, it will be about the questions unanswered  

The next few days will be critical, and it is not only political watchers who should have their eyes on the Supreme Court, where the petition challenging the election of William Ruto as President will be heard.  Raila Odinga’s coalition has asked for a cocktail

It’s time to think of amending the law on presidential petition timelines

The Supreme Court has the original jurisdiction to hear and determine any petition challenging the election of a president.  Article 140 of the Constitution of Kenya provides that any person may file a petition with the Supreme Court within seven days following the declaration of

Legal insights after the resurfacing of Maina Kiai’s precedent case following presidential results announcement

The famous Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission v Maina Kiai & 5 Others [2017] eKLR, ‘Maina Kiai case’ revolutionised the electoral process. The case upheld that the results declared at the polling station are not provisional, but final and therefore cannot be altered by the

Finger on the Pulse: Post-election snapshot

On Monday, August 15, IEBC boss Wafula Chebukati declared UDA presidential candidate William Ruto as President-elect with 7,176,141 votes against his main challenger, Mr. Raila Odinga, who got 6,942,930 votes. Upon announcement of the presidential winner by the IEBC Chairman, four IEBC commissioners disputed the

Why this different poll will keep everyone on edge

A combination of changes to electoral laws made after the elections in 2017 and the emphasis on traceability and verifiability of the polls have changed the way the results will be made public. In the week before the elections, the institution in charge has ramped

Peace efforts prevail but a run-off is a bigger reality

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission and interested stakeholders has ramped up activities to campaign for peace in areas of potential election-related violence.  These activities are centred around Nakuru, Kisumu, Nandi, Isiolo and Marsabit counties and have the generous backing of non-governmental organisations, many of

Election Countdown: 59 days to go

Election timelines and activities  Activity Timeline Official campaign period 29th May 2022 – 6th August 2022 Nomination of political party candidates and independent candidates for the County Assembly Elections 1st June 2022 – 7th June 2022. Nomination of political party candidates and independent candidates for

Election Countdown: 66 days to go

Election timelines and activities  Activity Timeline Official campaign period. 29th May, 2022 – 6th August, 2022 Nomination of political party candidates and independent candidates for the County Woman Member to the National Assembly elections. 1st June, 2022 to 3rd June, 2022. Nomination of political party

After dust settles on presidential running mates, manifestos are next as campaigns begin

Rigathi Gachagua, William Ruto’s running mate, is reported to have caused disquiet within the Deputy President’s campaign team over a series of tactless remarks he has made since his appointment.  The latest was made on Inooro FM earlier this week, where he suggested that a

Work is cut out for Raila and Ruto after long wait for running mates ends

In the days after they unveiled their choice of running mate, Raila Odinga and William Ruto have had the opportunity to sit back, watch the reactions and listen to feedback on their choices. Mr Odinga will be happy about what has been said of his

Election Countdown: 80 days to go

Election timelines and activities  Activity Timeline Presidential candidates deliver to IEBC a list of at least 2,000 voters registered in each of a majority of the counties 23rd May, 2022 Days for the nomination of political party candidates and independent candidates for the Presidential Election

Election Countdown : 87 days to go

Election timelines and activities  Activity Timeline IEBC to publish in the Gazette, the names and symbols of persons intending to contest in the election as independent candidates    13th May, 2022. Political parties intending to present a Presidential and Deputy Presidential candidates through party primaries or

Running mate dilemma postponed but cost of living issues persist

The camps of both leading presidential candidates put aside their rivalry this week to push a pliable electoral commission to extend the deadline for the submission of their running mates by 20 days.  While the names of the candidates and their mates were originally scheduled

After the death of BBI, the Finance Bill is the next battlefield

Every party took something from the judgement by the Supreme Court that ended the journey for the bid to amend the Constitution that started with the Building Bridges Initiative.    Those opposed to the bid, Deputy President William Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza group, took the

Ruto ups the ante again

Deputy President William Ruto and his allies spent the past week in the Kiambu East region, starting from Thika earlier in the week and traversing through both Gatundu constituencies later.  Dr Ruto has decided to take the President head-on after his erstwhile ally openly showed

Headwinds in Raila’s attempt to build a winning combination with Kalonzo as duo struggle to repair relations

All along, it had seemed to Raila Odinga and his supporters that Kalonzo Musyoka would easily agree to cross over and accept to be his running mate, but things have changed drastically. This week, Mr Musyoka revealed to the public an agreement struck between the

As deadlines loom, so do familiar problems

Raila Odinga returned from a 10-day tour to an opinion poll saying that Peter Kenneth would be his best bet for running mate.  On the other hand, according to a poll by The Star, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua is the right man for Deputy President

Joint opposition to manual submission of presidential results could neutralize tensions

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has sparked a fresh round of controversy in political circles just after the fight over the law determining how coalitions are formed ended.  The electoral commission has proposed changes to the Elections Act, with the apparently most controversial

The journey, and the challenges, begin for Raila

Ahead of the much-hyped ‘big announcement’ by Raila Odinga on Friday, December 10, the team organizing the event at the stadium in Kasarani, Nairobi, were worried. While the event’s outcome was known well in advance, there were hitches evident in the fact that none of

Insights into the American Election 2020

US President Donald Trump is vying for a second term against the Democratic Party candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden. American elections are different from the one man one vote system that is the norm in other democracies. When Americans cast their ballots for