NMS drafts contingency plan for Nairobi ahead of August 9 polls

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and some stakeholders have developed a contingency plan for Nairobi County to guide in preparing for any eventualities that may arise after or during the August 9 polls. In a statement on Monday, July 25, Gen. Mohamed A. Badi, the Director-General

In Nairobi, speedy moves have brought some calm

After a long-forgotten case challenging her nomination was speedily ended, Anne Kananu Mwenda was quickly vetted and sworn in as Nairobi’s Deputy Governor on Friday afternoon.  She is now in line to succeed Mike Sonko as Nairobi Governor, negating the need to have a costly

Sonko’s sulking and tantrums show frustration

City Hall insiders say the Bill was rejected because the governor is unhappy with allocations that would eventually affect friendly suppliers in the few areas that he remains in charge of.