The tragedy of collapsed buildings: Where we are getting it wrong and the antidote

In the past two weeks, at least four apartments have collapsed in the counties of Kiambu and Nairobi, claiming lives and damaging property worth millions of shillings. The World Bank estimates that Kenya has a housing shortage of at least two million homes, which rises

18th November 2022 Kenya Gazette

Special Issue The President has appointed the following in a special gazette notice: HAMISI MASHOBO MWAGUYA Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Maritime Authority, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from 18th November, 2022. DAVID WAMATSI OMUSOTSI Chairperson of the Council

28th October 2022 Kenya Gazette

Legislative Supplements, 2022 The Energy (Petroleum Pricing) (Revocation) Regulations, 2022 The Petroleum (Pricing) Regulations, 2022 The Income Tax Act—Exemption The Capital Markets (Licensing Requirements) (General) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations, 2022 The Special Economic Zones Act— Declaration of Special Economic Zones The Competition Act—Exclusions The Miscellaneous

21st October 2022 Kenya Gazette

Legislative Supplements, 2022 ●      The Political Parties (Amendment) Bill, 2022 ●      The Parliamentary Powers and Privileges (Amendment) Bill, 2022 ●      The Statutory Instruments (Amendment) Bill, 2022 ●      The Public Finance Management (Amendment) Bill, 2022 THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 

Managing waste sustainably in Kenya: An overview of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations

No year has proven to be a momentous year for environmental management and conservation in Kenya than 2022. On June 16, 2022, the Senate passed the Sustainable Waste Management Bill, 2021, giving rise to a new order for efficient waste management, and propelling Kenya a