IPv4 to IPv6 Migration: Why the future of the internet depends on it

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are critical for connection to the Internet because they represent the numbers that uniquely identify devices connected to the Internet. Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address.  However, a global shortage of IPv4 addresses has prompted all

ICT infrastructure sharing: A close dissection of the draft regulation with hopes to accelerate digitisation of the Kenyan economy

From fibre optic cables to telecommunication masts, multimedia gateways to mobile money transfer platforms, the development and deployment of tangible and intangible ICT infrastructure is an extremely capital-intensive undertaking.  ICT infrastructure rollout and availability is critical to ensure access to reliable digital services. In a

Hope for Improved ICT Infrastructure after High Court Orders Implementation of Initiatives to Aid Access to Justice

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) has for years now been an enabler of Kenya’s economy and development. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, the government looked at ICT to provide various solutions given that the Ministry of Health had laid out various measures including

For President Kenyatta, it’s all eyes on the final lap

President Uhuru Kenyatta is setting the stage for the final leg of his two terms in charge, the latest signs being a mini-reshuffle of the Executive and the apparent adoption of a take-no-prisoners policy.   The changes in the Cabinet announced earlier in the week were

Government priorities for Energy, Infrastructure and ICT

In Kenya’s national finance cycle, the Energy, Infrastructure and ICT Sector (EII) comprises nine sub-sectors namely:  Energy and Petroleum;  Infrastructure;  Transport;  Shipping and Maritime;  Housing and Urban Development;  Public Works;  Information Communication and Technology;  Broadcasting and Telecommunications.  The Sector aims at providing efficient, affordable and

Murathe shows the Chinese hand

In an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, David Murathe traced the origin of his fight with Deputy President William Ruto.
His intention was to show that Ruto was involved in possibly corrupt dealings with the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency, and he tried, but he also revealed something more interesting.