Significant Political Sentiment: Kenya’s president emerging as a prominent African leader on the global stage

President William Ruto’s ongoing charm offensive toward the West has sparked both praise and criticism as he tackles such topics as Africa’s financial empowerment, climate action, and peace and security. Through his speeches, President Ruto aims to re-establish Africa’s economic influence while navigating the complexities

28th October 2022 Political and Regulatory Round Up

KENYA Ruto now hints to MPs about a 2027 one-party plan President William Ruto has set his sights firmly on 2027 re-election and leaving the country a one united party for the future as opposed to the trend since 2002 where every other General Election

What August 9th General Election means to the East African Community

Kenya’s electioneering season is now in its final stretch. On August 9, voters will head to polling stations across the country and in the diaspora to cast their votes. A peaceful General Election in Kenya will strengthen regional stability. The country needs a leader who