Safeguarding ICT customers through Consumer Protection Guidelines and Customer Care standards

Kenya’s ICT regulator, Communications Authority, has released guidelines to clarify how the Authority expects licensed service providers to respect and protect ICT consumers’ rights and encourage best practices by licensed service providers and promote the provision of high-quality services to consumers. The Customer Protection Guidelines

Council for Responsible Social Media: Walking a tightrope to regulate social platforms

The Council for Responsible Social Media is a recently established non-partisan and voluntary group that consists of five members from civil society organisations, data and technology, peace and security, and media. The Council aims to minimise online harms and make social media platforms safe for

IPv4 to IPv6 Migration: Why the future of the internet depends on it

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are critical for connection to the Internet because they represent the numbers that uniquely identify devices connected to the Internet. Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address.  However, a global shortage of IPv4 addresses has prompted all

Enhancing telecommunication interoperability in Kenya: A Peek at Draft Interconnection Regulations, 2022

The draft  Kenya Information and Communications Act (Interconnection) Regulations form part of a series of features highlighting the salient details of the four draft regulations published by the Ministry of ICT.  Why is it important At its core, the draft Interconnection Regulations have been developed

ICT infrastructure sharing: A close dissection of the draft regulation with hopes to accelerate digitisation of the Kenyan economy

From fibre optic cables to telecommunication masts, multimedia gateways to mobile money transfer platforms, the development and deployment of tangible and intangible ICT infrastructure is an extremely capital-intensive undertaking.  ICT infrastructure rollout and availability is critical to ensure access to reliable digital services. In a

Universal Service Fund: A conversation between CA & the Senate

This week, members of the Senate ICT Committee has a conversation with the Communications Authority on the utilization of the Universal Service Fund(USF). The USF is a fund that is funded by telecommunications service providers as part of the terms and conditions of licence. The

Safer Internet Day: Together for a better Internet

Safer Internet Day is a day in February when people come together for a better internet by raising awareness of the online issues that matter to us. It started as an initiative of the  European Union Safe Borders project in 2004 and was taken up

Highlights: Draft Consumer Protection Guidelines

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has released draft consumer protection guidelines for public review and comment. The guidelines are to protect the users and consumers of communications services with regard to the prices, the quality and variety of services.

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) asks Foreign Electronic Certification Service Providers to register

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has published a public notice asking all foreign Electronic Certification Providers are required to apply for recognition within 30 days. This follows the enactment and operationalization of the Business Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 early this year. The Act, which