19th February 2021 Kenya Gazette Review

February 19, 2021 - Reading Time: 3 minutes - By Wanjiku Mwai



  • The Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning has appointed Maritim Weldon to be the chairperson of the Land Surveyors’ Board, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 18th January, 2021 and revoked the appointment of Polly Wanjiku Gitimu.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has appointed honorary wardens for a period of three (3) years.
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has extended the term of Members of the Taskforce on the Wildlife Corridor Connectivity Between Nairobi National Park and Athi-Kapiti for a further period of sixty days, with effect from the 7th February, 2021.


The Central Bank of Kenya has published in the Gazette, that the following monetary policy statements and monetary policy committee reports have been issued and circulated:

  1. Monetary Policy Statement, December 2019b)      Monetary Policy Statement. June 2019
  2. Monetary Policy Statement, December 2018
  3. Monetary Policy Statement, June 2018

The Reports are freely available on the website of the Central Bank of Kenya at www.centralbank.go.ke.

The National Treasury has published in the Gazette, the Statement of Actual Revenues and NET Exchequer Issues as at 31st January, 2021.

The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority has received claims for unclaimed assets from persons:

  • persons claiming to be administrators of the estates of deceased persons and agents of the original owners. If no objection will be lodged at the offices of the Authority within 30 days from today, payment will be made to the claimants listed in the Gazette; and
  • who, through sworn affidavits, have indicated that the original policy documents have been lost. If no objection will be lodged at the offices of the Authority within 30 days from today, payment will be made to the persons listed in the Gazette on the evidence of the sworn affidavit for lost original policy document and any liability on the lost policy document will immediately cease.


The National Assembly has published in the Gazette, the approved Calendar of the Assembly’s Regular Sessions for 2021.


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya has established Court of Appeal Sub-registries at Meru, Kakamega, Kisii, Busia and Garissa with effect from the 29th October, 2020.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC), has published in the Gazette applicants and shortlisted candidates for the position of Chief Justice. Interviews for the posts of Chief Justice and Judge of the Supreme Court will be conducted from 12th to 30th April, 2021, at the Supreme Court of Kenya Building, Taifa Road/City Hall Way, Nairobi.

The following Courts intend to apply to the Chief Justice for leave to destroy various records, books and papers:

  • the Principal Magistrate’s Court at Kandara
  • the Principal Magistrate’s Court at Nyando
  • the Chief Magistrate Court at Kericho


The Customs and Border Control Department has published a list of goods in the Customs Warehouse – ICDE Nairobi and Kilindini and issued a Notice that if they will not be entered and removed from the Warehouse within thirty (30) days they will be sold by public auction on 23rd March, 2021.

The Competition Authority of Kenya has published in the Gazette, a Corrigendum in Gazette Notice No. 8038 of 2020, to amend line 5 to 8 that reads “the proposed transaction which entails the transfer of various listed assets, including outstanding deposit balance amounting to 31.7 billion, loans and security portfolios together with all rights, titles and interests thereto to KCB Bank Kenya Limited“, to read as, “the proposed transaction which entails the transfer of certain assets, including loan portfolios, amounting in aggregate to KES 3,234,646,611.29 to, and assumption of certain liabilities, including the depositor liabilities, in the amount equivalent to the value of the assets by KCB Bank Kenya Limited“. 

Members of Kinatwa Sacco Society Limited (CS 10386) have petitioned the Commissioner for Co-operative Development that an inquiry be held into —

  • by-laws;
  • working, financial conditions, governance structures; and
  • the conduct of management committee, past or present members or officers.


The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has gazetted the Lake Bogoria National Reserve Management Plan. The Plan defines the principles and strategies that Lake Bogoria National Reserve’s stakeholders have designed to address conservation, tourism development and management, community partnership, wildlife security, and operational issues in Lake Bogoria National Reserve and its adjacent areas. It emphasizes that all activities within the Lake Bogoria National Reserve shall be implemented in accordance with the Plan and the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013.

Environment Impact Assessment

Sycamore Pine Limited proposes, to construct a twenty-eight (28) blocks, six 2-bedroom units, nineteen 3-bedroom, one commercial block, one block housing, a parking silo, a nursery school and other auxiliary facilities at Samara Estate Affordable Housing Development on unit No. CCOI, situated on L.R. No. 29059 in Kiambu County. A total of one thousand nine and fifty-nine (1959) residential units. 

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