Mr. Kang’ata is a former Member of Parliament for Kiharu constituency. During his term, Irungu Kangata was awarded by Mzalendo Trust for championing education related legislation in the National Assembly after his Higher Education Loans Board (Amendment) Bill, 2015 was signed into law by the President.   Mr. Kang’ata also served as a Councillor for Central Ward in Muranga town marking his early entry into political life.   In 2007, Mr. Kang’ata ran for the Kiharu Constituency parliamentary seat but unfortunately lost to Kembi Gitura. However, in 2013 he tried his luck and won the Kiharu parliamentary seat on a TNA party ticket.   In 2015, he received an award for best management of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and investing heavily in domestic water projects. The MP was awarded by Central Kenya Forum for Peace at White Rhino Hotel in Nyeri town after his CDF kitty management was recognized as the best within Mount Kenya region.   Mr. Kangata holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Nairobi and a Masters of Law degree from the same institution. He is also qualified in CPS section 1 and 2. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Mr. Kang’ata was elected Vice Chairperson of the Kenya Law Student Society while still a freshman and later elected as Vice Chairman of Student Organization of Nairobi University in the same year.